Little Quiapo – BF Homes, P’que and Diliman, QC

When we were still living in BF Homes Paranaque, we’d always have lunch at Little Quiapo after hearing mass in the Phase 1 church. Kapag rin may birthday or holiday, dito kami kakain. or sa Conti’s. :p So Little Quiapo became one of my fave restos not just because of their good food, but because of the many memories I owe to the place. :)


Miko also has childhood memories of Little Quiapo’s Old fashioned Buttermilk Pancakes. Their old house was near the 1st Quezon City branch. We (with Donnie and Jan) visited the BF branch for some of LQ’s classics. Their best dish is the Pancit Palabok. The 93php-plate is super sulit with its flavorful sauce and generous toppings. Kita mo naman nagsu-swimming talaga ang noodles sa sauce. Ang sarap. Na-miss namin ito. :D


Shempre kung may palabok, dapat may classic partner rin… halo-halo! Miko and I shared the Fiesta Halo-halo (140php). I actually am not a big fan of their halo-halo, I just wanted one that time because it was a hot summer night and it’s weird eating LQ’s palabok without a glass of halo-halo to go with it.

And, no, babe. That’s leche flan on top, not tokwa. Pero mukha talagang tokwa. :p


Partners ba kamo? Hehehe. Sorry naman, akala naming Champola pa rin ‘yung tawag diyan sa wafer stick na ‘yan. Napapaghalata talaga ang edad namin!


The non-classics that we ordered were Diced Chicken with Cashew Nuts (252php) that reminded us of a watery chicken pastel minus some ingredients. Parang ang panget ng description ko, but trust me, masarap ito!


I liked that their Pork Sisig (188php) was very crunchy, but there’s nothing that special about its taste. kapampangan-style sisig pa rin!

Β image

Anyway, I still appreciated the sisig-garlic rice combo. Tignan mo naman ang garlic rice nila. GARLIC rice talaga. Galit na galit lang sa bawang, just the way we like it. Tsaka parang may butter. :D

Β image

Jan also had halo-halo, pero pa-star si Donnie so nag-Mais Con Hielo (107php) siya. Na-inggit tuloy ako sa kanya!


The place still looks the same. I swear kahit pintura at chairs pareho pa rin! It’s nice to go back to somewhere familiar. Na-miss ko tuloy sila Mama and Daddy. Im happy I got to eat there again with the boyfie and my buddies though. :)


After less than a month, I found myself back. Sa QC branch naman. Miko craved for palabok when we were at SCTEX only our way back to Manila from Bataan.


Is it just me or the serving in the BF branch is larger? Oh well, same taste.


Opted milkshakes (120php) over halo-halo that day. I had strawberry and Miko had mango. Cold, rich, creamy goodness!


Also had some toast (20php) and Spanish Omelette (176php). I wondered where the olives were, but settled for the bacon. At ang daming bacon!


As usual, busog na naman! And I cannot end this entry without saying that Little Quiapo is the only LQ that I like! Haha.


Little Quiapo
42 Aguirre Avenue Corner Lirag Street,
BF Homes, Paranaque City
02 8075045, 02 8070220

90 Malakas Street,
Diliman, Quezon City
02 9214070

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Tambai Yakitori Snackhouse – Poblacion, Makati

If you wanna make tambay while eating some tusok-tusok, I suggest you visit this unfancy yakitori place in Makati called Tambai.


My friend Shani and I tried the place a couple of weeks ago. It’s near the Mexican joint El Chupacabra in Felipe St.


There aren’t many choices, but the menu is interesting. They have several alcoholic beverages to choose from- including sake. Too bad I had to go back to the office after dinner, so I just had Coke. (Booo.)


I had the Soft Shell Crab Kushikatsu (180php) with Japanese mayo,


U.S. Beef Isaw (40php) with spicy vinegar,


and Kimchi Rice (60php). Shani had Japanese Rice (50php… that’s furikake sprinkled on top),


US Pork Barbecue (40php) and Quail Egg and Bacon (50php).


Everything tasted good, except for the crab kushikatsu that tasted fantastic. :D And the quail egg with bacon was great too, because bacon. :p It was Shani’s first time to eat isaw and I congratulate her for surviving it. She did not turn green at all. Hehe.


Gonna bring Miko here one of these days. We’ll make tambai and eat everything I haven’t tried yet.

Tambai Yakitori Snackhouse
5779 Felipe Street,
Poblacion, Makati City
02 21556965

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Rico’s Lechon Cebu

The only thing I like when Miko leaves for Cebu is the guaranteed lechon as pasalubong! :p

He finally had time to get some Rico’s. And it’s the best among all the yummy porky goodies from Cebu that I ever tasted.


I refried it and made some dipping sauce of cane vinegar with brown sugar, chili flakes, and minced garlic. I brought it to the office to share with my workmates, because my dad said that the secret to eating lechon is sharing. Kapag daw kasi hindi ako nag-share, ako ang magmumukhang ile-lechon!


Loved the flavorful spicy meat and the equally flavorful skin and that it’s fatty but not headache-inducing.


Sorry CNT and Zubuchon, my heart and tummy now belong to Rico’s.

* Cover photo from Rico’s Lechon’s website

Rico’s Lechon
Highway 77, Talamban Cebu City
(034) 344-0119

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Draft Gastropub – Fort Strip

Right after his Cebu trip, Miko craved for brekky for dinner so we went to Draft BGC.


He got the Corned Beef Hash, of course. The 310php plate has double smoked bacon, corned beef hash, roast tomato, and garlic rice. If you don’t like rice, you can opt for sourdough toast or potato wedges. I liked this especially the bacon. :D~ In fact, just give me the bacon. In fairness, their corned beef hash is almost as good as the one from Whistlestop.


And I got the Baked White Fish. It’s spinach and parmesan-baked white fish served with Mediterranean salad. This was good, but I wish I had it with rice or potatoes. Pero defeated ang purpose ng diet ko if I didn’t have it with salad. :p


Miko had his favorite Hoegaarden to go with his meal, but I skipped beer and just ordered dessert. Their Sticky Date and Toffee Pudding was heavenly. The pudding was really sticky and the warm butterscotch sauce was so good with the vanilla ice cream.


I wanna try their Cubano sandwich next time. That with a glass or two of Leffe Brune sounds like a delicious plan.


Draft Gastropub
The Fort Strip, 26th Street,
Bonifacio Global City
02 8469725


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Alegre’s Canteen in Mahogany Market – Tagaytay City

We didn’t expect that the Caleruega grounds would be so vast that we were hungry by the time we finished exploring it. We munched on some bread from Sonya’s Garden, but saved our appetite for bulalo. It’s our second bulalo meal in this Tagaytay trip, but what the heck. More bulalo, more fun!


We’ve already tried bulalo in places like Antonio’s, Leslie’s, Josephine’s, Rowena’s, Green ATS, Taalena’s, and Mer-bens, so we thought why not get our fill from the market this time. We chose an eatery that was featured in Biyahe ni Drew. As you can see from the photo above, they are quite proud to have been featured in several tv shows.


Their bulalo is as basic as it gets. It has meat and pechay in simmering broth. Walang mais, patatas, at kung ano pang ek-ek. Sabi nga, hindi daw tunay na bulalo ang ganon. Nilaga raw ang tawag sa ganon. Or pochero?


The waitress got the pieces of beef and cut the meat for us. Siya pa ang naglagay sa bowls naming. Perfect meat-utak ratio. The bulalo here is smart… mautak. :p Found theΒ bulalo from Mer-Ben’s tastier though.


They didn’t have garlic rice available so we paired it with plain rice. Sayang. Mas gusto ko pa naman na katerno ng bulalo ang sinangag na maraming bawang.


They also didn’t have Coke that time so I was stuck with Sprite. Huhuhu!


I liked their pork sisig better than their bulalo. Their sisig is Kapampangan-style and parating pa lang sa table, heaven na ‘yung amoy. Nanunuot na agad sa nostrils ko ‘yung anghang. :p Their other specialties are crispy crablets, tawilis, papaitan, goto Batangas, and kaldereta.


As expected, the meat they used tasted fresh. Not surprising at all because of course, they get it straight from the palengke right beside it.


Didn’t have time to get premium cuts of Batangas beef that time, but of course there is always a next time when it comes to Tagaytay.


I wonder what bulalo we’ll get to try next… :)


Alegre’s Canteen
Mahogany Market, Tagaytay City


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