Hapag Restaurant and Events Place – Malolos, Bulacan

After our pilgrimage to Barasoain Church and visit to Barasoain Museum, we went to one of the most recommended restos in Malolos.


Hapag Restaurant and Events Place is situated behind the Provincial Hall. They serve Filipino and International dishes.


We were there around 6pm so the place wasn’t packed yet. The guests started to come in by 7pm. Miko and I were joined by my cousin, Kuya Edmund who’s now living there.


Their molo soup was served piping hot. The dumplings looked homemade and were very meaty and yummy. The soup was unusual for molo because instead of it being clear, it’s thick and nido soup-like. We loved it!


The Calumpit Rice is garlic fried rice with egg, veggies, and Calumpit longganisa. Delicious rice and ulam in one dish!


Then there’s the sinful Prawns and Crab in Sweet Spicy Sauce. Sarsa pa lang, panalo na.


The seafood they used had so much aligue. Fitting for our cheat meal.


The Pinakbet with Crispy Pork was loaded with shrimps, too. The veggies they used were sweet. Halatang freshly picked. The pork, parang lechon kawali sa pagka-crispy!


Their Baby Back Ribs was good too. Not sure about the rub they used. It’s definitely not my favorite spice, but it worked well on the ribs because it wasn’t too strong and they mixed it with brown sugar or honey. The only thing I didn’t like about this was the gravy. It was bland.


The Banofee Cake, despite of the not-well formed crust was delightfully sweet. Ang dami pang whipped cream. Yummmm.


The best part of eating at Hapag was the great dishes. The second best part was that it only cost around 1,200php!


We hope to eat here again the next time we are in Malolos!

Hapag Restaurant and Events Place
Beside Hiyas ng Bulacan Convention Center,
Provincial Capitol Compound, Guinhawa,
Malolos City, Bulacan
0923 7027612, 0906 2419181, 0923 7372589

// listening to Mean Girls – Jingle Bell Rock


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