Who am I? This is a simple yet profound question that can only be answered in depth by reading this blog. CHAROT! The basic stuff you ought to know about me is that I’m a 33 year old stunner recruiter from Makati who delights in painting, cooking, the beach, poetry, colors, tv series (like Suits, Scandal, Brooklyn Nine Nine, and House of Cards), epic fantasy anything, maxi dresses, videoke, psychology, faith, flowers (except red roses), telebabad (how highshool!), reading, introspection, puppies (beagles and labs, please!), going home to Bataan, quotes, stars, and Batman.


18 thoughts on “Iya-Iya-Who?

  1. I don’t usually leave comments in food blogs. Saved your website link on my mobile phone. I think I’m not going to read other bullsh*t & baduy food blogs anymore. Your direct & unpretentious writing with a hint of sarcasm makes your blog stand out from the rest. Apir!

  2. a pretty girl who can write! keep it up! will bookmark your site. god bless and happy new year! cheers to more entries! <3

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