Wabi-Sabi – The Collective, Makati

I was gonna go to Fariñas Empanada for some Ilocos Miki when I realized that I haven’t eaten at Wabi-Sabi for quite a while. I used to frequent it for pho and ramen.


They have new items on their menu, like miso ramen and harumaki. I ordered vegetarian pho, harumaki, and lemongrass iced tea. I decided against getting a bahnmi, because I like BON Bahnmi’s more.


Wabi-Sabi is one of the few stores that has been there since The Collective opened in 2010. Their cook recognized me and said, “Namumukhaan kita. Madalas ka dati kumain dito. Payat ka dati eh.” ARAY. Ate naman eh! :,(


I was tempted to cancel my order when I heard that. Char! Buti na lang they use healthy ingredients so diet-friendly. :p


They have a wall with pictures of customers over the years who chose ramen over pho and vice versa. It’s the Fernando Pho Jr. vs. Ramen Padilla wall.


I like their pho better than their ramen, but I’d like to try their miso ramen. Too bad it wasn’t available that time.


Their Vietnamese pho has rice noodles, shitake mushroom, mushroom stems, basil, togue, Chinese cabbage, and vegetarian chicharon. It’s not as flavorful as a non-vegetarian pho so I suggest you season it with patis and the green chili or soysauce and red chili.


I like their lemongrass tea better now. Mas masarap ang timpla. I think they added more brown sugar. Makes me want to harvest some tanglad and copy this.


The harumaki may look like an unappetizing fat twig but I liked it a lot. So, don’t judge a dimsum by its wrapper. It’s carrots and singkamas wrapped with nori and soya paper. The dipping sauce na napagkamalan kong bagoong is honey soysauce with mustard. Yummmmm!

I’ll be back for more harumaki and to try the miso ramen. I’ll also ask why they named their resto Wabi-Sabi. Isn’t it a Japanese view that nothing lasts, nothing is finished, and nothing is perfect? Wala lang. I’ve always wondered. :D

Wabi-Sabi Noodle House & Vegetarian Grocery
7274 Malugay St., Brgy. San Antonio, Makati
(Located at the back, right side of The Collective)
Telephone: +63918-450 1714
Email: WabiDashSabi@gmail.com

// listening to Peggy Lee – I’ll Be Seeing You


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