Dinner and Drinks in Forbestown Road, Burgos Circle (Tipsy Pig and Reserve Gastro Tavern)

I liked Tipsy Pig’s Salted Caramel Beer so much (had it when we were in their Capitol Commons branch) that I was intrigued to have some of their chow too.


We went to Tipsy Pig in BGC for some light dinner. Yes, light. I had a plateful of bacon, eggs and toast while I was waiting for Miko to pick me up, that I wasn’t my usual HANGRY self when we went out that night. :p


I had a piglet of salted caramel beer (around 120php) and Smoked Salmon Pizza (425php). I would have finished the pizza had I not been still full. Loved the smoked salmon with cream cheese. Dill isn’t my favorite herb but it really works well with salmon. The beer-crust wasn’t bad either.


Miko had the Six-Hour Beef Shank (595php) that’s beeh shank braised for six hours served with tomato-basil jus, mashed potatoes, and marrow toast. The beef tasted like a sosyal version of mechado x asado.


Tipsy Pig dishes that I’d like to have next time are Belly Goos Sisig Nachos, Jack and Coke BBQ Ribs, and Boneless Crispy Pata.

Much as we wanted to stay at Tipsy Pig for drinks, there were no available tables in the smoking area so we transferred to Reserve which is just around the block. We had several rounds of Hoegaarden, Stella Artois, cucumber mojito, and this yummy cocktail called Toblerone. A regular glass of imported beer costs around 150php. Prices are a bit higher for cocktails.


I liked the ambience– with the tall shrubs and candlelight and 90’s music (hehe). A chill spot to just drink and talk. Will see soon if we’ll get to like their food.

Tipsy Pig
02 7013719

Reserve Gastro Tavern
02 8329897

Forbestown Road, Burgos Circle,
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City

// listening to Constantine S01E07



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