Tapsi Ni Vivian – Marikina


This is probably one of the most famous tapsihans in the metro. I only ate their tapsilog once when my padmate brought it for dinner. I was still studying in UP Diliman then, so my auto-comment was, “Rodic’s pa rin.”


So when Miko said he’ll bring me to Tapsi ni Vivian before their gig in Chromebox, I thought it’s time that I try Vivian’s tapa again. :p They have dozens of dishes to choose from- chopseuy, kilawin, liver steak, rigadillo, lumpiang togue, huaktanoy (pork stew with sweet pickles),


stuffed crabs, pork steak, bicol express, bopiz, sinigang na baboy, pinakbet,


crispy hipon, crispy crablets, ukoy, crispy dilis, longganisa, daing, pork barbeque, lechon kawali, crispy pata, bulalo,


and even native rice cakes like puto, cheesepie, and bibingkang malagkit.


We ordered and our food was brought to our table in 5 minutes.


May Coke pa pala na nasa glass bottle.


I had the tapsilog and it sorta tasted like Rodic’s tapa. Both are tender and sweet, but this one isn’t shredded obviously. I love Rodic’s tapa so I liked this too.


Miko got the lechsilog. I took a piece of the lechon kawali and it’s fried to perfection. Sarap i-dunk sa suka na may toyo at sili.


The tokwa’t baboy was just okay for us, because we prefer a sour sauce. The one they use is more sweet than sour. I also like my tokwa’t baboy with onions and chopped siling pamaksiw.


We both loved the beef mami with egg. Sabaw pa lang, panalo na. I got one order and asked the waiter to put it in two bowls. Ang dami nung serving. Akala ko tuloy dalawang order ‘yung binigay sa amin! Out total bill was around 370php only.


Here is the famous Vivian. Ang yaman-yaman na siguro ni ateng ngayon. :D


They also have a roofdeck bar that you can use for any event. Meron rin silang catering services.


O di’ba. Asenso na. I guess this is what you get from being in business since 1984 and with a loyal following to boot. :)


Tapsi Ni Vivian
32 Mayor Gil Fernando Avenue,
San Roque, Marikina City
02 6450125

// listening to Taylor Swift – Blank Space


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