Tokyo Trip – Odaiba

The afternoon we spent in Odaiba was very, very tiring! Odaiba is a man made island in Tokyo Bay. Ang dami naming nilakad! There are several malls in Odaiba and we went inside all of ’em.


Before heading to Odaiba, we passed by the Nippon Television Tower and saw this yellow thingie that Miko called PIKACHU. No kids, that is not a Pokémon. I have no idea who that is. :p


Odaiba was initially built for military purposes in the 1800s, and  expanded as a seaport district in the late 20th century, and has developed since the 1990s as a major commercial, residential and leisure area


One of the most popular things to see is the Rainbow Bridge. This is the bridge by day–


The first mall that we visited (because it’s the closest to the train station) was Decks. Ang ganda. Mukha talagang decks with its wooden flooring. :D


We had snacks at Anchors,


just some assorted sausages, juice, and cola.


But because my newbie legs and feet were aching from all the walking, I begged Miko that we stay a little longer and we had more refreshments. :P


When I got some of my strength back, we went to Aqua City


and we saw a replica of the Statue of Liberty. According to Wiki, The French Statue of Liberty came to Odaiba in the late 90’s in commemoration of “The French year in Japan”. Because of its popularity, in 2000 a replica of the French Statue of Liberty was erected at the same place.


I don’t remember if LEGOLAND is inside this mall, but we decided not to visit it anymore, because there was still so much to see in the area. Like this Hello Kitty Store.


Akalain mong pati dried fish at dried squid meron si Hello Kitty?


Look at this Kitty Geisha! Ang cute cute!


In Diver City Plaza, there’s the famous 18 meter tall Gundam statue!


Katuwa kasi even the locals seemed excited to see the humongous robot.



There’s this golden structure of some sort that caught our attention. Don’t know what it is, but it’s just magnificent.


Here’s a better shot. Better kasi may sunflowers. I love sunflowers! :D


And there’s a kiddie program being shot in the area. No, babe. That’s not Mojacko. :p



And this architectural masterpiece is the Fuji television Headquarters. The building was designed by world-renowned Kenzo Tange. he also designed St. Mary’s Cathedral in Bunkyo. (I’ll be blogging about that soon.)


Walang pinipiling lugar ang Minions. Pati pala sa Japan, popular sila!


Hello there, Stuart, Bob and Kevin!


Here’s our family portrait. Charot! :p


Of course, Dragon Ball is popular here.


And lucky cats.


And this blue dog that’s called LAUGH THE DOG, No, baby. Hindi siya si Snoopy na nalubog sa asul na jobos. :p


Miko looked for Tekken, but didn’t find the game in the arcade. (Naging successful naman siya when we went to Shinjuku a couple of days after.)


And look! There’s Astroboy again! Ang sarap iuwi at isabit sa kwarto ko!


Do you remember the Monchhichis? They used to have an animated tv series in the 80’s. Ang tawag ko nga sa kanila Ewoks. Hahaha. Eh baket ba, pareho naman silang furry.


Saw this shop that stationery, fans, toiletries, etc. I took a photo of it because I like the store name. Wabi-Sabi is a Japanese concept that deals with  one of beauty that is imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete. It is also a noodle shop at The Collective. :p


Then finally, darkness fell and we saw the lights of the bay and the Rainbow Bridge.


Unfortunately, we didn’t see the bridge’s rainbow colors, but the view was still stunning. The towers supporting the bridge are white in color, designed to go with the skyline of central Tokyo. Lamps are placed on the wires supporting the bridge, which are illuminated into three different colors, red, white and green every night using solar energy obtained during the day.


The rainbow lights we got to see were from the Daikanransha, located at Palette Town. It is one of the biggest ferris wheels in the world. The wheel is brightly lit by neon tubes programmed to display multiple patterns in over 100 colors.


Hay Odaiba, nakakapagod kang galaan! But oh so fun!

Next stop– Shibuya!

*featured image from Wikipedia

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Gotham: The Good. The Evil. The Beginning.


Been very busy again with work, but my 7-year love affair with ePerformax didn’t stop me from watching my one true love– Batman.

Well, he’s still little Bruce Wayne is this new series, Gotham, which premiered last September 22 in Fox.

This tells about Detective James Gordon’s early days in the Gotham City police force. I loved how the creators show the history of how Gordon relates to the future Caped Crusader and how Bruce learns how trust the future Commissioner Gordon.

“However dark and scary the world might be right now, there will be light, Bruce.” – Detective Jim Gordon

Arrrggghhh. Feels.


Gotham also will tell about the origin of Batman villains such as Penguin, Riddler, Catwoman, Joker, Poison Ivy, Scarecrow, Hugo Strange, Harvey Dents, and Mr. Freeze.

Well, we already got to meet the future Catwoman, Riddler, Poison Ivy, and Penguin in episode 1.

And of course, our favorite butler is already there! Alfred has a thick accent in this version, though.


The first season order consists of sixteen episodes.

Liked it so far. I just hope the acting improves and the scoring/soundtrack becomes interesting.

The Cast includes Ben McKenzie, Jada Pinkett-Smith, and Erin Richards.

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The 2014 UAAP Cheerdance Winners

Thr National University was successful in their aim to defend their crown in this year’s UAAP Cheerdance Competition. Congrats to all you bulldogs!


I can’t say it’s a well deserved win because I think UP’s dance was better, plus I think NU’s performance had more pasabog last year. Pero oo naman, ang galing naman talaga ng NU ngayon. I’m impressed that over the years, they managed to become a force to be reckoned with. At ayun na naman si ate na kalurkey na parang walang buto kung maka-bend!


My fellow iskolars ng bayan, cheer UP! You did great! Medyo napahaba lang ang arms nung Oblation na ginawa niyo, pero sobrang astig ang concept niyong equality this year. Sino pa ang makakaisip na haluan ng advocacy ang cheerdance routine, kayo lang! Tayo lang! Agawin na natin ang championship title next year, ha? :)


Congrats also to USTe for making it to the Top 3! The Salinggawi Dance Troupe is back and growling! I’m sure mas matinik kayo next year now that you’re back in top. Sorry, Archers, nalaglag kayo this year. Go, panain niyo ang Tigre sa 2015! Nawa ay makaiwas ang mga Isko at Iska!


Again, congratulations to UP, NU, and UST! And to FEU for winning having the best stunts! Thanks to all UAAP schools for consistenly wowing us with their pep squads’ stunning performances.

You can watch this years’ cheerdance videos by clicking on the following links:

1st place – National University
2nd place – University of the Philippines
3rd place – University of Santo Tomas

Please visit for the other vids. :)

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Archers Reign Supreme in UAAP Season 76


The DLSU Green Archers beat The UST Growling Tigers in the game 3 of this season’s UAAP Men’s Basketball Finals, 71-69. I am not from either school but I was shrieking and screaming from all the excitement especially when the game went OT. Grabe. That’s my second most favorite UAAP game ever. First one is still the ADMU – DLSU championship match in 2003!


The DLSU-UST fight was also known to many as the battle of Taft and España, Juno kontra Pido, and Teng vs Teng. My fave (and probably yours too) is the last. The sibling rivalry definitely made the fight more interesting. Plus, it birthed so many amusing puns like inTENGse and TENG ina. And of course, the song… “Wild Teng. You make my heart sing!” :p


Jeron Teng who was named Rookie of the Year in Season 75 was named this Finals MVP. He said the win was bittersweet. He said, “When the buzzer sounded I really didn’t know what to feel. On one side, we’re champions, but on the other side, I feel my brother’s pain. He played his heart out, he deserves to be MVP.” I think Jeric was really a tiger in the hardcourt. I hope he gets drafted by the best team in the PBA.


I cried a little when Jeron raised his kuya’s hand and they hugged. :,) That was really touching. España must be flooded because of Typhoon Santi and the tears of the Thomasians. Lulunurin daw sa baha si Aljon Mariano. He’s being criticized as the reason for UST’s ugly loss because of Jeron drawing a foul off him. I feel bad for Aljon. He helped in bringing UST to the finals but he gets bashed mercilessly for something he did in a team sport. Chin up, Aljon. Don’t mind the haters. I hope you get to be next season’s MVP. Hug kita pag mabisita ako sa USTe.


Instead of focusing on the negative, why not highlight the positive? Like when Vosotros picked up the loose ball and scores the first basket of overtime? :) Seemed like both teams really gave their best. But there can only be one winner of course. And I guess in situations like this, the winner is the one who wants the win more. With 5 (or 6?) years of being win-thirsty, the Archers must have really wanted it more.


To the UST Growling Tigers, your team is mighty and fierce. I look forward to the tigers growling stronger for victory next year. To the DLSU Green Archers, excellent job on hitting the aim this season. To both teams, thank you! Even if I am a Bedan/Iska, I got to immensely enjoy this final game which I am sure will be permanently be in the list of the most epic UAAP games ever.


It was so epic that poker-face, rookie Coach Juno Sauler finally broke into a smile!

The final scores:
La Salle- 71- Teng-25, Vosotros-16, Perkins-13, Van Opstal-11, T. Torres-4, N. Torres-1, Revilla-1, Tampus-0, Salem-0
UST- 69- Abdul-26, Teng-24, Ferrer-7, Bautista-4, Mariano-3, Sheriff-2, Lao-2, Pe-1


Pahabol lang. Jeric and Jeron, you bros don’t happen to have another brother than can play for aTENGneo Ateneo, do you?

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Megan Young- Miss World 2013

What a beautiful day to take on the whole world! The Philippines won its first ever Miss World title today. Filipina and proud! Wooohooo!


Congratulations to the gorgeous, confident and intelligent Megan Lynne Young for bringing this honor to the country especially to us Filipinas. And the beckies. :p


Her answer that was spot on to this year’s theme, Beauty with a Purpose. The reason why I think she bested 128 beauty queens…


Megan is a 23-year old actress, host, model, VJ, peace ambassador, and a Digital Film Making student at CSB. You can follow her on Twitter- @meganbata. Bata in Tagalog means young. :)


Runners up are Miss France and Miss Ghana. Miss World 2013 was the 63rd edition of the pageant held at the Bali Nusa Dua Convention Center in Indonesia, September 28.

All photos were taken from the web.

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