How To Thriller


Never really learned the steps of Thriller– one of the most popular dances of all time, so I was thrilled when I saw this meme–


I loved the part where Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo danced to this in 13 Going On 30. In fact, I loved all the parts where the movie featured the hits from that era. Thriller was released in 1983. I was 2 years old that time.

Today’s Throwback Thursday, so today might just be a good time to learn the monster moves. Check out the original video by The King of Pop below. Warning: This is 13-minutes long.

If you aren’t thrilled yet, the version of the Cebu Dancing Inmates might just do the trick. This reached millions of YouTube hits around two or three years ago.

But wait! Did you know that it’s originally entitles Starlight? “Starlight! Starlight sun! Ang panget, noh? Not spooky or thrilling at all! Good thing they changed it to Thriller! Thriller night!

Alright! You’re almost set for Halloween! :p

// listening to Michael Jackson – Thriller (duh)


Rock of Ages Rocks Manila Again

FUCKING AWESOME MUSICAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I take that the usage of an expletive and excessive exclamation points is how this faux review should properly fucking start. :p


Thank you, Atlantis Productions for bringing back this highly acclaimed musical of a rock ‘n’ roll romance set on the Sunset Strip during the hair metal era. So what if the story is borderline cliché? The amazing performances from each and every person on stage more than made up for the silly and cheesy parts. And the songs! Hits from Styx, Journey, Bon Jovi, Pat Benatar, Twisted Sister, Steve Perry! I guarantee that you will sing (or at least hum) along! My Generation-X heart went wild last night. I’m still lss-ing on Hit Me with Your Best Shot actually.

I saw the movie version before the jukebox musical and it doesn’t feel right to compare even if there are many notable differences. Let me just say that the differences are in favor of the musical. AND I’m sorry I am not one of those people who found Tom Cruise’s performance as the hedonistic sexdrugsandrockandroll god Stacee Jaxx monumentally good. No matter what I do, I just cannot picture him as a rockstar. Hindi lang talaga. I probably watched Jerry Maguire too many times, hehe. MiG Ayesa, on the other hand, effortlessly pulled off the role. I had my doubts though because I thought he looked like a tranny having a Coyote Ugly moment in the video during the first few minutes of the show, but my doubts disappeared when he came up on stage. The very chiseled MiG Ayesa IS the Stacee Jaxx. Loved his take on the power rock ballads. His eccentric touch on the role made his performance sexy, funny and electric in all the right moments.


Aside from MiG, the main cast include Nyoy Volante, Vina Morales, Aiza Seguerra, Jett Pangan, Jamie Wilson, Rachel Alejandro and Bibo Reyes.

It was my first time to see Vina Morales on stage. Can’t say her acting was stellar but she still exceeded my expectations. And wow! She can really dance!

Speaking of dance, WOW! Aiza Seguerra can also dance! Without even a trace of doubt, the best scene for me was c/o Aiza. Sulit na sulit ang oras ko dahil doon. Wooohooo! Napaos ako sa kakatili at sumakit ang mga kamay ko sa kakapalakpak. Sorry, no spoilers. Watch Rock of Ages if you wanna find out! :p

Catch this foot-stomping musical at the Carlos P. Romulo Theatre in RCBC Makati this July. Ticket Prices: 2000, 1750, 1500, 900 and 700.

Get ready to sing and twiddle that air guitar!



Sorry, my real favorite scene is the friendzoning scene. I recommend you watch RoA with someone who friendzoned you or someone that you friendzoned. After watching, drink some winecoolers and tell the idiot that you’re crazy about him. Bwahahaha!

// listening to Foreigner – Waiting for a Girl Like You

The Full Monty Experience

I was too young to enjoy or even appreciate The Full Monty when the British comedy-drama film was released in 1997. All I remember is, it’s about guys stripping to a Tom Jones’ song that’s not Sex Bomb.

{1997 film poster}

I was able to attend the media launch of Viva Atlantis Theatricals’ adaptation of the Brit film turned Americanized musical. It stars Mark Bautista, Jamie Wilson, Marco Sison, OJ Mariano, Arnel Ignacio, and Nino Alejandro. They play unemployed mill workers from Buffalo, New York who decide to present a strip act in a local bar to solve their financial worries after seeing the women of their town go gaga over a strip touring company of Chippendales (not the Rescue Rangers).

{Thank you, Phil Star for the tickets!}

Though it’s Mark Bautista who topbills the cast, my fave among the men of The Full Monty are Jamie Wilson and OJ Mariano. Jamie for his acting (adorable fat bastard) and OJ for his voice (I cried in his part of You Walk With Me).

{the ladies of the Buffalo men}

And among the women– Ciara Sotto, Sitti Navarro, Ima Castro, and Jay Glorioso– my fave is Ima who plays Arnel Ignacio’s wife. Loved her performance of “Life With Harold” and when she sang “You Rule My World”. It’s hard not to get drawn to her stage presence.

It tackles subjects like friendship, self esteem, suicide, depression, homosexuality, and obesity. Serious stuff packed in two funny, heartwarming and somewhat bittersweet hours.

{Hey hey what do you say, Buffalo men, go all the way!}

I enjoyed the play, but it’s not something I’d go see again. I recommend that you see it if you wanna be entertained, but you’re better off checking The West End’s Royal Variety Performance if you want to be wowed. So did they actually do a full monty? Yes, in probably a split-sec! The last I remember was the 6 of them ripping their bright red thongs off and…

Go find out what’s next! :p

The Full Monty runs at the Carlos P. Romulo Theatre at the RCBC Plaza from April 19 to May 5.

// listening to The Full Monty, Act I, Big-Ass Rock

Welcome (sexy) back, JT!


People thought that Justin Timberlake was just trolling with his being ready for something tweets.

I am thrilled to say that my ultimate celebrity crush is back with a new single! Today, after 7 years of not updating his discography (as a main artist), he released his single Suit & Tie. January 13, EST. I’m so thrilled! Nag-sawa na ako na lagi na lang siyang featured artist!!!


Huffington said it sounds like an updated old school R. Kelly. I have yet to listen to Suit & Tie, as I cannot remember my MySpace password. I just found out that JT invested in the company last year.

No info yet as to when exactly his album The 20/20 Experience will be released.

// listening to (my all time favorite) Justin Timberlake feat T.I. – My Love



Sometimes you listen to a song not because you like the melody or the artist but you feel the lyrics were especially written for you.

This is exactly why I like Wildflowers by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.

You belong among the wildflowers
You belong in a boat out at sea
You belong with your love on your arm
You belong somewhere you feel free.

There are times lately when I feel like there are many things I want to do but cannot do because certain  responsibilities restrict me. Or maybe it’s just my mind fabricating restrictions because it’s too afraid to let me go out there and just hands down live with a passion.

But hey, I believe that I am supposed to be out there doing whatever it is I’m supposed to do. So I will find a way to be there, out where I will be free.

// listening to Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers – The Waiting