I’ve moved on…

to another blog.

I closed this blog for a quarter or so. I didn’t know what to do with the entries. I asked myself the following- Should I delete them? Reword them? Do I even have the courage to look at them again? What do I tell those people who have been following my blog looking for specific entries? Do I deny what happened? Do I play dumb? What can I say that will not hurt me or shame the other person?

It’s only today that I decided that this has my past. There’s beauty in it. There’s also pain in it. And both, I cannot separate from who I am, from who I’ve become.

Plus, I also learned that when you take a step of faith and a door closes, then you’re one step closer to the open door.

See you on the other side. :)


Señor Pollo – Poblacion, Makati

Weekends are for cheat meals. So one weekday that Miko went to Makati to meet up with me for lunch, we went to Señor Pollo to have some enjoyable, healthy food.


It’s a street away from it’s sister resto, El Chupacabra. We went there around 2pm, so there were only a few customers. It tends to be crowded during dinner time.


Señor Pollo is known for its Latin Chicken. There’s fried and roasted pollo. We had the latter.


As we waited for our food to arrive, we can’t help but notice the artsy, colorful walls. Kudos to whoever did these paintings. :)


No idea why they chose this excerpt from Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s masterpiece, Love in the Time of Cholera…


The food was brought to us after 5 minutes upon being ordered. Miko and I both had a quarter of a chicken with 2 sides. I had mashed sweet potato and a fresh salad. He had 2 cups of salad kasi mas nagda-diet siya. Hehehe! :p Pero nagCoke siya. Ako, watermelon shake.


Everything was delicious and we only spent around 600 pesos. The chicken was roasted to perfection and tasty inside-out. Loved the sauces especially the chimichuri. Other sides that you might want to consider are their fried plantains and jalapeño mac n cheese. Oh, and they have wagyu bacon fries!

Señor Pollo also has a branch in Quezon City.


We had dinner in Señor Pollo last week and Miko had the same dish- roast chicken with mashed sweet potato and tossed salad. He really loves the simply vinaigrette they use.


I tried their spicy fried chicken with macaroni salad and fried plantains as sides:


The macaroni salad was bland. It has bell peppers, olives and lettuce and there was barely any mayo or cream. The chicken was crispilicious and really spicy. Thank goodness for the ice cold Brew Kettle that helped me get through the meal. Hehe


For dessert, we had the Flan de Naranja. No choice, because this is the only dessert they have. Buti na lang, masarap naman. :) It’s leche flan with mandarin oranges at the bottom.


Señor Pollo
5767 Ebro Street,
Poblacion, Makati City
+63 977 142-9273

F7 Bldg , Sct Rallos
South Triangle, Quezon City
+63 917 833-1033

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Asia Pop Comicon Manila 2015

We attended the last day of the Asia Pop Comicon at the World Trade Center (Sep 20) and I enjoyed even if we were there for barely 3 hours pero mejo nasayangan pa rin ako sa 500php entrance fee! :P


Local and international comic book artists were there and it’s awesome that we got to meet Whilce Portacio.


He is noted for his work on The Punisher, X-Factor, Uncanny X-Men (for which he co-created Bishop with Jim Lee and John Byrne), Iron Man, Wetworks, and Spawn.


In August 2000, he fell into a diabetic coma, and was unable to draw a couple of months after. When he recovered, he went back to his artistic duties including  the DC Series Batman Confidential.


There was a part of the hall where artists spoke about their craft and entertained the queries of the audience.


Dozens of cosplayers were in the venue, the most famous being Alodia Gosiengfiao. Not really sure what her character was that day.


There’s an area where trailers and clips were shown. Too bad I didn’t get to see the Civil Wars trailer.


Of course there were loads of comics for sale. I’m not into comics (Garfield lang) but there were a lot of cool things that caught my attention like–


My mighty baby Thor. :p


And here’s his Mjölnir. This is considered to be one of Norse mythology’s most fearsome weapons. Also one of the heaviest. Hehehe


Looks at that cute girl! parang ako lang nung bata ako! Bawal pumalag. Ang papalag, hahampasin ko ng Mjölnir!


And here’s KITT! David Hasselhoff’s car from the 1980’s series Knight Rider! KITT is an advanced artificially intelligent and almost indestructible car. Dream car ito ng tatay ko (and the other dads most likely) noong 80’s.


Here’s a reminder that the Superman-Batman movie is just around the corner. Sigggghhh. Wish I could see Christian Bale in person donning the Batman costume. Eh olats, si Affleck na. Gods of Gotham, please make him not fuck up Batman.


And here’s the Hulkbuster. This was designed by Tony Stark/Iron Man for hand-to-hand combat with the rampaging Hulk.


And here are the Frozen and Inside Out characters! I want an Anger toy!!! Kamukha ko ni Miko! Nyahahaha


I wanted to have my picture taken with the Hulk kaso lang baka sabihin twins kami. HIhihhihi


Batsy’s looking mighty fine here, but I walked away because I’m sure this costs a fortune.


Si Gundam ba ito?  wpid-dsc_4768.jpg

And here’s the line to have your picture taken with Arrow star Colton Haynes (Roy Harper/Arsenal). I like his character but I do not have that much patience for queues.


Ibang usapan kung si Stephen Amell (Arrow/Oliver Queen) ang nandito sa Pinas. Kung kinakailangan akong magcamping sa venue at pumila for hours ng nakatayo (with matching 5-inch heels), gagawin ko. I LOVE YOU!!!!


Nagpapicture muna ako with Lego Darth,


a Lego Stormtrooper.  wpid-dsc_4755_20150924163600930.jpg

and Batman, of course! :D


I bought a shirt as souvenir from a local artist, Vincent Trinidad.


Say hello to Joker x McDo. Pwede ko itong ipanakot sa mga bata this Halloween. :p


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I first heard about Glenda (international name: Rammasun) late last week. I think it wasn’t called a super typhoon that time yet because it was too early to tell if it’s gonna be one. It was two days ago when I read online that it’s as strong as the menace that was Milenyo (international name: Xangsane) in 2006.

I really do not get why some morons uploaded hate posts about why it was sunny yesterday, asaan na daw ba si Glenda… Tanga-tanga daw ng PAGASA, blah blah blah. Ahhhhmmm… sure. I would love for PAGASA to have superior accuracy when it comes to predicting weather, but hello?! Since time immemorial, weather forecasting has been inexact science, not just in the Philippines, but in the entire world! In all fairness to PAGASA, they did say that Glenda will hit Metro Manila in the afternoon/evening of July 15 and will probably be at its strongest in Metro Manila around 2AM today. So again, I do not get why some morons seemed disappointed that it was all sunny and bright yesterday morning. Have they forgotten that there are people who do not have shelter to protect them from the storm devastating everything in its path? Palibhasa, puro mga rich hipsters itong mga adik na ito. Again, MORONS.


The howling wind and the sound of heavy rain woke me up early in the morning. I thought, well the morons finally got what they’re waiting for. I’m sure Glenda met or even exceeded their expectations. Tssssss!!! Storm signal in Metro Manila and nearby provinces was raised to #3. It packed maximum sustained winds of 150 km/h, thus making it a severe typhoon. Severe pa lang ‘yan sa lagay na ‘yan ha. Hindi pa super! Super typhoons have winds of 180km/h. Roofs were ripped off, walls collapsed, cities were flooded, trees were uprooted (even the big ancient ones). The photo above is one of the most reposted photo in social networking sites. (check #GlendaPH) That’s a tree in Magallanes Village, Makati. And whoever owns the car, I feel kinda sorry for you, but engot ka, sabi nang no parking o.

Anyway, I had to go out to buy something (which was really bad because I felt tatangayin ako ng hangin, kasi ang nipis ko. Charot!) and I heard two teenagers talking about how we should always have typhoons so classes will get suspended. Eh? What the hell are wrong with these people? Mas nakakainit pa sila ng ulo kaysa sa bagyo!

Another thing na nakakainit ng ulo– power outage!!! Most of Luzon suffered from this because of Meralco’s facilities being affected by the typhoon. Bumabagyo na, madilim pa sa loob ng bahay… nakakatakot ha! I had a candlelit breakfast by default, thanks to Glenda. The brownout was bad, but I’m still grateful that I had food on my table and a roof on my head when Glenda was unleashing her wrath in Manila.


Sadly, the typhoon season has just started. For sure, Glenda is just one of the big weather disturbances that we have to brave and endure this time of year. According to a chart from PAGASA, the months with the most tropical cyclones are July and August. The data in the chart I saw was from 1948 to 2009. With the changes we’ve been experiencing with our country’s climate, it’s highly possible that lethal tropical cyclones will still be a threat until the last quarter. Sendong was in December 2011 and Yolanda in November 2013.

Let’s make sure that we follow precautionary measures before, during, and after the typhoon, especially having an emergency bag with clothes, batteries, flashlight, water, canned goods and other necessities, in case of having to evacuate. Also, know the numbers to contact when we’re in dire need of help.


Apart from precautionary measures, may everyone also have common sense measures, such as huwag lalabas kung hindi naman kailang na habang bumabagyo. Unless gusto niyong magpakamatay, pero bad ‘yon. Please also remember that typhoons have an eye, which is an area of calm. So during a typhoon, beware of a sudden calm and bright weather. The eye of the storm might be passing by your area. Do not attempt to go out of your home. Within a couple of hours, the eye of the storm will go past your area and you will again experience strong winds/heavy rain like what passed your area before the calm.

I hope that everyone out there is safe. Thanks to those who asked if I’m okay and if my parents are okay, too. My parents (and our pet puppies, twinkle and Beige) also experienced Glenda’s fury in Bataan, but thank God they’re safe.

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Paalam, Mang Roger.

image from the Facebiook account of the San Beda Red Lions

Rogelio Lagman 1946 – 2014

Ang balut vendor / Bedan icon na si Rogelio Lagman o mas kilala sa taguring Mang Roger ay namaalam na.

Hindi man siya nakapag-aral sa San Beda, masasabing siya ay tunay na Bedista dahil naging (almost) permanent fixture na siya sa may Mendiola campus. Taong 1976 siya nagsimula magbenta ng balut at penoy, na nadagdagan ng chicharon, cellphone load, at kung anik-anik sa mga nagdaang panahon. Ang mas importante pa sa mga paninda niya, ang pagmamalasakit at pakikipagkaibigan niya sa mga Red Lions at Red Cubs.

Hardcore supporter ito sa mga games ng bedans. masasabing naging vendor/cheerleader si Mang Roger. :D Hindi ka nga raw tunay na Bedista kung hindi mo siya kilala. Ako nga, taga Beda Alabang eh nakilala ko pa siya. Definitely a celebrity in his own right!

Paalam, Mang Roger. Tapos na po ang paghihirap mo dala ng cancer. Nawa ay maging matatag ang naiwan mong mga mahal sa buhay, lalo na ang iyong limang anak. Hindi ka namin makakalimutan. Immortalized ka sa mga Mang Roger shirts na available online at immortalized ka sa puso ng mga Bedista na nakasalamuha mo. Ikumusta mo na lang po ako diyan kay San Beda at kay San Benito ha.


Maaring bisitahin si Mang Roger sa San Beda Abbey Church simula ngayong Linggo ng 9am. Ang libing niya ay sa Lunes kinabukasan ng 10am.


// listening to Andy Williams – Moon River