Dampa Metrowalk – Ortigas

Miko brought me to his favorite paluto place. It’s my first time to eat at Dampa in Ortigas. I used to frequent the ones in Macapagal and in Libis.


The one we went to is in CW Home Depot Ortigas near Metrowalk. We bought hald a kilo of shrimps, half a kilo of mussels, and one big squid. I don’t remember the exact name of the resto we went to, but it could be Aling Tonyang’s or Sis Seafood Pulutan. Anyway, here’s what it looks like…


The shrimps were cooked in garlic butter sauce. Panalo! Sauce pa lang, ulam na! Kinda sweet. Mmmm mmm mmmm!


The squid (or lomot) was stuffed with tomatoes and onions and grilled. It wasn’t as “malasado” as Miko wanted it, but we liked it anyway.


And the mussels were grilled with garlic and cheese. Beer na lang ang kulang! Hehehe.


It was a good meal, but I was still shocked upon seeing our bill. For three kinds of seafood, 2 sodas, and 3 cups of rice, it amounted to P1,600? Woaaaah. Didn’t think Dampa-dining would be this costly now.


Anyway, we were so full from our Dampa dinner that we didn’t feel the need to get some movie munchies when we watched Terminator Genisys after. :)

// listening to Mockingjay Part 1


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