Mang Jimmy’s – Balara, Quezon City

Because it wasn’t raining like OMG last Saturday, Jan and I took advantage of the free time and clear skies to go to UP Diliman. You see, we aren’t THISCLOSE yet if I have not taken you to my alma mater (grad school) for a lamon session! Well, grub escapade plus a bit of history tour.


The first place that we went to is not really in the Peyups campus, but it is one of the most famous food destinations of an Iskolar ng Bayan. I used to go here a lot with my Ethnographic Research classmates. Puro boys kasi groupmates ko doon. So ang lalakas lumamon. Perfect ang Mang Jimmy’s for them. Fine, hindi ko na rin ikaka-ila na malakas rin ako kumain. :p


Mang Jimmy’s is located in Old Balara, at the MWSS compound. This is a carinderia so please do not enter with your kaartehan and ka-matapobre-han at baka ma-bigwasan ka dito. The food is cheap and good. Expect that you will be in the company of mostly UP, Ateneo, and Miriam students plus Maynilad, Manila Water and MWSS employees.


My favorite dishes in Mang Jimmy’s are their crispy pata and caldereta but because we got there past lunchtime, they only had a few dishes left. :,( That’s the first and last time that I am eating at Mang Jimmy’s at 2pm! Sorry na. Sanay kasi ako na gabi kumakain doon nung estudyante pa ako. :D


Jan wanted tapa. FYI, it’s far from what the tapa from Rodic’s tastes and looks like, which is a good thing because I’m not really a big fan of Rodic’s tapa– unless I eat it with their sinigang na baboy with gabi. Sarap ng combo na ‘yon! Mang Jimmy’s tapa is very tasty and tender. Masarap ulamin at masarap rin papakin.


My ulam of choice that time was the sizzling pusit. Fresh and simply seasoned. Ang sarap! Kahit hindi nila ako nabigyan ng sili at toyo, okay pa rin. Other seafood dishes that you must try are their sizzling blue marlin and sizzling tanigue. Drenched with gravy yung mga ‘yon. :D~~~


I love soup so I also got their nilagang baka. Nothing special about their nilaga but it’s a good partner with the sizzling pusit. Okay rin namang ka-partner ng tapa. Isa pa, nagsimula na ring umambon so bumagay na rin sa weather! :)


We wanted avocado shake but it wasn’t available that time, so we settled for mango. Masarap naman. Hindi masyadong matamis. They also have banana shake. I failed to ask if they can mix the fruits by request. I was kinda disappointed that they ran out of leche flan. That’s good. Also their maja.


One of the things that made Mang Jimmy’s a hit amongst us was their unlimited rice. Before Mang Inasal, there was Mang Jimmy’s. The unli-rice no longer exists but they still have a 2 + 1 promo. Sayang naman ang promo kaya kahit na against sa calorie counting namin, nag- 1 1/2 cups kami each. Mweheheh!


Most of their dishes are around 100php, good for two. Super affordable and super satisfying food. Pasensyahan na lang talaga na hindi kagandahan ang lugar but then again, there are other places nearby that you can go to if you want a much better ambience. :)


Basta ako, happy ako na nakapag-Mang Jimmy’s uli after more than 5 years. :) It will always be one of the places that I will recommend to my foodie friends who would like to experience an isko/iska takaw trip.


And of course, happy rin yung turista na nakakain uli siya ng Mang Jimmy’s tapa.

Thanks Mang Jimmy’s for giving us the energy we needed for our UP tour!



Mang Jimmy’s
3 Carriedo St.
MWSS Compound,
Balara, Quezon City
02 9272909

// listening to Cardigans – Love Fool


9 thoughts on “Mang Jimmy’s – Balara, Quezon City

  1. pretty ladies in a carinderia! what a sight! :)

    i love mang jimmy’s. used to eat there a lot when i was in hs (ateneo). even when i attended la salle, i still went there to visit.

    blog bookmarked!

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