Katsu Sora – Trinoma Mall

Katsu Sora is the premium katsu restaurant of the Hokkaido Ramen Santouka Group. We recently visited their Trinoma branch.


I liked my Ramen Santouka experience, so I had no doubt I was also gonna like Katsu Sora. And well… I did!


It’s hard not to like any place with unlimited salad, rice, and soup! The choices may be few, but good enough for seconds. :)


The salad bar includes lettuce (lolorossa, romaine, and iceberg), cherry tomatoes, broccoli, corn, white onions, cucumber, and cabbage. There’s also sweet potato salad and my favorite… Japanese potato salad.


There are different kinds of dressing to choose from. The best for me was the Creamy Wasabi Dressing.


For additional texture and flavor, there’s some furikake that you can sprinkle on your rice. I liked the black and sesame seeds mixed with sake.


I sprinkled the furikake on their Japanese rice. I didn’t know that they have gokokumai rice, a premium 5-grain rice with corn, barley, millet, sesame seeds and black beans until I saw it on the online menu today. :(


Kiper had the Otameshi Set (500php). This has 4 tonkatsu samplers of buttery Iberico, juicy Kurobuta, the high marbled Shimofuri, and Canadian premium pork Sakura. This is good for sharing. Ang hindi mag-share, mae-empacho. Di’ba, Kiper? :P


I had the Mix Seafood Set (450php) with crab, salmon, and prawn. Both sets come with free unlimited refills of salad, soup, and rice in the buffet bar.


I liked their katsu crust, not too thick and well seasoned. My fave in my plate was the salmon katsu. Í also had it when I went to Santouka and liked it, so I’m glad their consistent with their recipe.


I had too much Japanese potato salad that I had little room left for dessert. There’s also some fresh fruits in season at the buffet table. I enjoyed the perfectly ripe orange but complained the whole time I was eating the bland melon and pineapple.


Ended the Katsu Sora experience with their Matcha Ice Cream. A win for only 90php with its subtle sweetness and pronounced matcha flavor. Real creamy, too! And hey, two big scoops!


There are other katsu variants I’d like to try, like the mille feuille (with basil and cheese) and miso sets. I hope they open a branch in Makati soon!


Katsu Sora
4th Level Trinoma Garden
2nd Level Greenhills Promenade
SM BF soon to open
Eastwood soon to open

// listening to Ed Sheeran – No Diggity / Thrift Shop (cover)


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