Kitchen Diaries Café – Kapitolyo, Pasig

Kitchen Diaries is a little café in Kapitolyo with 2 of my favorite things as their specialties– breakfast food and cup/cakes! It’s my first time to eat in Kapitolyo, and I’m glad I started here.


Of course I had the bacon brekky meal from their all-day breakfast menu. Miko got toasted angus corned beef.


Thumbs up for the bacon! Delicious slices of honeycured goodness! Makatarungan rin ang meat-fat proportion for the price of 120php. Liked the English-style eggs, too. So, English-style pala ang kinda runny scrambled eggs! I don’t know what herb they used (feeling ko oregano)… I think that’s what made the eggs yummy.


The corned beef was slightly spicy, just the way I like it. I think I would prefer a non-toasted version of it, though. :)


The breakfast meals came with iced tea, but I couldn’t resist getting another drink. Ikaw ba naman mabasa mo sa menu Ferrero-Nutella Frappe! FERRERO. NUTELLA. Saan ka pa?! Thick, wonderful, and surprisingly not overly-sweet! I liked this better than Miko’s Kit Kat Frappe.


We had the vanilla, banana, and chocolate cupcakes to go with our fraps. I didn’t get to take note of the names of the cuppycakes, but the one with the blue frosting (vanilla) was the best for me.


The cupcake was moist and dense. Ang sarap sarap sarap nung frosting. The kind of frosting that willing ako dilaan yung bowl where it was mixed. :p


My good friend Sandz dropped by with her cutie son Rafael. I got a rainbow cupcake for him. His mom told me that it’s his fave from KiD. Easy to believe, because if I were as young as Paeng, I’d have the most colorful cupcake, too!


We liked Kitchen Diaries a lot that we went back there the following Sunday. Partida pa that we just ate at Poco Deli. Will blog about Poco Deli Kapitolyo, too. You might wanna check out my blog about my entry about Poco Deli Ayala Triangle here.


Miko had the holiday tea. Not sure if that’s the name, but it sure tasted like holiday in a cup! Also had the red velvet cupcake. This was good, but I like the red velvet cream cheese crinkles better. One of the best crinkles I’ve ever tasted!


I had brewed coffee and their bestseller, the no-bake blueberry cheesecake. It reminded me of the blueberry cheesecake from Buon Giorno in Cliffhouse, Tagaytay, which is a good thing, because that’s one of my fave cheesecakes.


Finished the 2nd trip to KiD with their cappuccino. I was too full to even have a sip, so we’d have to ask Miko if he liked it. Uhhmmm… Mr. Alfonso, thoughts? :P


I’m excited to go back to Kapitolyo to try its many interesting foodie destinations. I don’t mind including a quick stop to Kitchen Diaries in all of those food trips. If not to hang and eat, at least to get pasalubong for my equally matakaw friends.


So that’s it. Our story about Kitchen Diaries Cafe’s food. I hope you all get to have awesome KiD stories, too. ;)

Kitchen Diaries Café
Unit 1E, 1st Corner San Rafael Street,
Kapitolyo, Pasig City
+63 9175995211
+63 9328802589

// listening to Basti Artadi – Blurred Lines


10 thoughts on “Kitchen Diaries Café – Kapitolyo, Pasig

  1. Cant get enough of your blog. Really like your unpretentious style. Will take note of this place. Kapitolyo is near my home. I wouldnt mind going there for breakfast. The angus corned beef is making my mouth water!

  2. i soooo love the icing on the cupcakes. The way the multi-colored icings swirls is sooo enticing and then when i tried it … foodgasmic. why? Sakto kasi. im not really big on something super sweet.
    The interiors look so homey. Eating there on an easy sunday afternoon kinda reminds me of cedie ang munting prinsipe.. hehe

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