Ying Ying Tea House – Binondo, Manila

Xie xie to Kiper, Ace, and Allysa for the Ying Ying experience! I was gonna have some cup noodles and Mini Stop siomai lang sana that night for dinner, but they brought me to Binondo. :)


Ying Ying is popular for their hakao, but I intended to just eat my favorite kuchay dumplings. And maybe some peking duck.


They have delish and filling kuchay dumplings, but I like Dong Bei’s better. Dong Bei also has fantastic kuchay pancakes! Just in case you don’t know what kuchay is, it’s Chinese chives.


Didn’t get to eat peking duck, but the other dishes we had were just as enjoyable– pork spareribs with black beans (tender and savory and yum, but I hope there’s more tausi in the sauce),


The chicken feet had a lot of meat and it was easy to separate it from the kalahig (lol). Missed my daddy because this is his favorite. Nung bata ako takot ako kumain nito eh. Good thing na-overcome ko na ang fear ko. :p


My favorite was the salt and pepper squid. Solid. Ang sarap. Binigla sa init ng mantika. Super simple and perfectly seasoned. I can eat this all day. Huwag lang sana ako mamatay sa msg!


Their yangchow rice was ok. Flavorful but didn’t have a lot of peas ana carrots and all that colorful thingies I expected. Pero pwede na, yung small plate good for 3-4 people na eh.


Their shakes (watermelon, green mango) were both good. Not so sweet and went really well with the food we ordered. Tamang pamatay anghang dahil halos lahat sinawsaw ko sa toyomansi (extra hot) chili. Panalo.


Ended our Ying Ying meal with egg tarts and tea. The tarts were served hot. The crust was flaky and not so thick and the filling was creamy. Iisipin kop na lang, galling Hong Kong ito. HAHA.


Over all, Ying Ying is a great place to go to if you want to binge on Chinese food without spending a lot. Our total bill was around 1,500. Just a warning: don’t sit outside if you’re maarte because you will probably encounter stray cats and passing garbage trucks.


Ying Ying
233-235 Dasmarinas Corner Yuchengco Street,
Binondo, Manila
02 3109031
02 3109032

// listening to U2 – Beautiful Day


4 thoughts on “Ying Ying Tea House – Binondo, Manila

  1. Chicken feet nga nila masarap! Will try the squid next time. Sa binondo naman expected na na hindi kalinisan ang paligid. Bawal talaga maarte dun.

    Great blog! Will bookmark this. :-)

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