Goto Monster – San Antonio Village, Makati

I admit, it’s not the goto that caught my attention. It’s a gorgeous picture of a bibingka waffle posted by my schoolmate Niko Baua. I asked where he bought it and sa Goto Monster daw. he said that it’s just in P.Ocampo and I felt like kicking myself for not knowing about the place, considering it’s very near where I live!


I told Ate Brenda about it and by the mere mention of GOTO, go na siya agad that we go there later that day. It’s not hard to find because it’s just at the corner of P. Ocampo and Dungon Streets, san Antonio Village. malapit ito sa tricycle terminal. Mukha talaga siyang gotohan. Akala ko medyo shala ang style kasi ang sosyal ng presentation nung bibingka waffle na nakita ko. :)


Ang dami ng laman ng menu! Several kinds of goto, lots of -silogs, some sides, and half a dozen happy endings. Happy Endings = Dessert. For a split sec, nag-hope ka ba? Nyaahahaha! Sadly, we went saturday afternoon and there are a lot of things that are not available. Like the bibingka waffle, the sole reason that brought me there. :(


According to their staff, because they are closed on Sundays and are jampacked on Friday nights/early saturdays, it’s normal that there are a lot of items that aren’t available on Sat afternoon. Aray. Ang sakit. I was very disappointed. Kahit kasi anong waffle, walang available! :,( Worse, PATI GOTO, WALA!!! But sayang, nandoon na, might as well eat the next thing that sounds yum.


Ate B, Kuya H, and I got Tokwa and Lugaw with Bagnet. We waited alost 10 minutes for the lugaw to be served. Ay mali. kami pala ang sumundo sa counter kasi self-service pala. :D The bowl isn’t gigantic like what I expected because it’s almost a 100pesos per bowl, but look at it! Look! It’s pretty! Saan ka naman nakakita ng lugaw sa kalye na ganyan?


And their Sago with Langka was also pretty. I know it’s very simple, but the tapioca balls they used were large and plenty and chewy. And ang dami rin nung jackfruit. Ang perfect ng pagkakamatamis. Sooo not bad for almost 70php. sayang walang halo-halo. I’d love to try their halo-halo next time. Kung ito kasi masarap na, what more ‘yon, ‘di’ba?


As for the Bagnet Lugaw… masarap. I loved it! The lugaw itself was flavorful and the rice wasn’t too… what the hell is durog in English? Ayoin, gets mo na ‘yon. :D The bagnet used was crispy and not-so-salty and wonderful. The salted egg, green onions, garlic, and chicharon made the already delicious bowl extra terrific.


Masarap rin pala ang lugaw with chili oil? Sorry naman, first time I put it in my congee. By accident nga lang kasi I already put some black pepper. Double the anghang, double the fun! :D They have a Goto Challenge that if one finishes a gigantic bowl for an x number of minutes and you don’t have to pay for it and you get a shirt. if you don’t finish it, you have to pay around 700php. I think I’ll pass. :D


They deliver, with 500php as the minimum order amount. Sorta steep, huh? Also, I’m not sure why their silog meals are kinda expensive. I hope it’s as good as their lugaw. That’s something I need to order when I go back to Goto Monster. Shempre kasama ng pinapangarap ko na Bibingka Waffle. Siguro naman pati goto meron na sa next na punta ko!


See you again soon, Goto Monster. Rawwwwr!!!

Iya Monster

// listening to Brooklyn Nine-Nine


3 thoughts on “Goto Monster – San Antonio Village, Makati

  1. Hi Iya, Thank you for the wonderful review and we are terribly sorry that the bibingka waffle was not available at the time you came to Goto Monster but we will make sure that it is available on your next visit and also try the rest on the menu! :) We are open 7AM Monday to Sunday until 7AM. BTW i hope you do not mind if we share and post your review on facebook. See you soon!

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