Wingman – The Collective, Makati

I couldn’t help but want to drink after watching Starting Over Again. Yes, this is a very late post. We watched in Cash & Carry so we went to The Collective because it’s just a few meters away. It’s Jan’s first time at The Collective so I brought her to Wingman. Subok kasi na hindi ako mapapahiya sa Wingman. :D


Sangria is my poison of choice when I am in Wingman. Strong but smooth… fruity but not so sweet.  Jan had the bottomless (sabi niya unlimited hehehe) iced tea.                             


We split a Cowboy Burger. It has a half-pound all-beef patty, smokey bacon, caramelized onions and homemade hickory barbecue sauce. And because mature na mature kami, we chose curly fries over the regular fries as its side. Sarap nung burger, if we weren’t counting calories, dapat one each na lang kami. :p


Can’t have a complete Wingman visit without getting the wings (DUH) and to be safe, we got the Classic Buffalo, medium hot only. You can also opt to make it hot, apocalyptic or inferno. I haven’t tried the other wings, except the Cajun and Garlic Parmesan. Liked both, pwedeng ulit-ulitin. masarap rin ‘yung bleu cheese dip na gamit nila.


Besides burgers and a wide array of wings, they also serve sandwiches and wraps. Local and imported beers are available too. For dessert, they have Deep Fried Coke and Deep Fried Snickers Bar. I prefer the former because the latter is just tooooo sweet for me, but parang mas maraming mas gusto ng Snickers bar.


Wingman will always be one of my favorite places in Makati and most def one of the places I will bring my visiting friends to. Hindi ako napapahiya kapag may dinadala ako dito eh. I also like Wingman because they close pretty late. Perfect for people like me who sometimes decide to binge in ungodly hours.


Wingman is located at The Collective, 7274 Malugay St, Makati. It’s right beside Fariñas Ilocos Empanada. That’s something I have yet to try.

Enjoy the weekend!

// listening to T-Pain – Five O’Clock


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