Provenciano – Maginhawa Street

It’s easy to spot this house-turned-resto along Mahinhawa because of an attention-grabbing calesa right in front. (Daming nagpapa-picture d’yan hehehe)


Provenciano offers dishes from various provinces of our country, hence the name. I heard that this is the upscale version of Gerry’s Jeepney (also in Maginhawa), as they have the same owner.


It has beautiful interiors, lovely lighting,  wpid-dsc_5073.jpg

and a cozy feel. Pwedeng pampamilya, pangbarkada, o pang-date.


There are beautiful artworks displayed in all areas.  wpid-dsc_5088.jpg

One unique feature of Provenciano is their Sawsawan Bar where guests can find different kinds of vinegar, bagoong, patis, chilies, onions, garlic and whatever it is that make up the usual Pinoy’s desired dipping sauce.  wpid-dsc_5081.jpg

I prepared suka-toyo-sili-sibuyas, totyomansi-sili, patis-sili, and bagoong Balayan for the dishes we ordered. Well, hindi bagay ‘yung bagoong with any of it, gusto ko lang ng bagoong that time. :p


We had Lumpiang Sariwa (120php) – fresh heart of palm sautéed rolled in homemade crepe and served with soy and minced peanut sauce. I got some minced fresh garlic to mix with the sauce. One of the best rolls I’ve tasted. Pwedeng ipangtapat sa superdupermegayummy lumpia na gawa ng nanay ko! I particularly liked the thick and soft crepe.


The Sisig ni Ima (210php) is grilled and seasoned pork jowls and liver flavored with chili and calamansi. Truly Kapampangan-style. I just hope they use cast iron plate in serving it.


The Kaldereta sa Barrio (320php) is a beef stew simmered in tomato puree, soy sauce, chicken liver and queso de bola. Loved the cheesy sauce, but Miko found it a bit salty but still delicious. Yay for the green olives and maraming patatas!


The only dish that was just so-so for us was the McArthur Rice. It’s garlic rice with aligue (crab fat) and tinapa flakes garnished with salted egg, tomatoes and green onions. I thought the waiter served us the wrong platter of rice because it tasted more of a bland paella valenciana than garlic-aligue rice. I was also not able to find the tinapa flakes until we got to the last few spoonfuls. This is named McArthur Rice because they say mapapasabi ka ng “I shall return… for more”, but that shall not be true in our case. :p


We’d return though for the other interesting dishes like Batangueño (Batangas Adobo), Callos a la Madrilena, Litsong Tadyang, and Gamas al Ajilo Con Chorizo.  wpid-dsc_5099.jpg

Didn’t get to try their desserts because I was madly craving for caramel cake, so we went to The Baker’s Table that’s just a good 10 minute walk from Provenciano.

110 Maginhawa Street,
Teachers Village, Quezon City
02 9222736

// listening to Arrow S04E02


5 thoughts on “Provenciano – Maginhawa Street

  1. must go to maginhawa for this! this place has a lot of good reviews! will wait for your ppost about bakers table. that’s the place where they have flat tops brownies, right?

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