Chunky Corned Beef Sinigang

I was craving for beef sinigang and I didn’t want to use my remaining cans of corned beef for pasta anymore, so I decided to use make some chunky corned beef sinigang!

My workmates loved this so much (sana hindi lang nila ako pina-plastic hahahaha) and I hope you’d love it too! :D


For this recipe, I used 1 red onion, 2 tomatoes, 5-7 strings of string beans (sitaw), 3 taros (gabi), 1 small radish (labanos), 15-20 kangkong leaves (swamp spinach), 1 siling mahaba (green chili), 1 pack Knorr sinigang mix with gabi, 2 tablespoons of patis, 3 small cans of corned beef (I had Purefoods Chunkee that time), 3 large cloves of garlic, and a 2 tablespoons of muscovado sugar.


Please remember to peel the gabi first before washing it so your hands won’t itch. To cook, sauté the garlic (do not omit this ingredient, as in huwag!), onions, tomatoes, and corned beef. Careful not to mix so much so the corned beef chunks won’t fall apart. After a minute or two, put 4 cups of water, the sinigang mix, and gabi. When the gabi is close to being fork-tender, add the sitaw and labanos. Mix in the brown sugar and patis. Bring to a rolling boil. Add the kangkong and turn the stove off.


Serve with unlimited white rice!

Happy eating!

// listening to Fifth Harmony feat. Kid Ink – Worth It


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