Chubby Yakitori – San Antonio Village, Makati

Another new resto in my hood is Chubby Yakitori. I went there last Friday for dinner right after I saw its Facebook page promoted by Charaptor. They have the same owner. And Chubby Yakitori is almost across the grill place.


The whole resto is al fresco. The feel kinda reminds me of Tides.


Since the resto is still on its soft opening, the menu is yet to be finalized. According to one of their staff, they will be serving cocktails soon. The only alcoholic drink in the menu when I was there was beer- SML, Pilsen, and Red Horse, 60php/bottle.


I had the Chicken Yakitori (195php). Tender chicken in sweet-savory sauce with sesame seeds. I liked the chicken, but I hope they can do something about the dressing they used in the shredded cabbage. I found it too sweet.


The Yakiudon was saucy and filling. It has bits of pork and lots of veggies. I thought there will be pieces of prawns or shrimp, but there’s only one used as decor. It costs 150php.


Will go back when they are already in full swing. And if I don’t get satisfied with the rest of their food, I can always go to Suzu Kin just across their Sampaloc St. side for Japanese meals.

Chubby Yakitori
Sampaloc St. corner Kamagong St.
San Antonio Village, Makati

// listening to Beyoncé – Run The World


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