Sakura Japanese Restaurant and Grocery – Glorietta

Sakura has been in Glorietta since time immemorial, but I only got to try their food recently.

Miko had the Miso Ramen (325php). It has pork, shitake mushrooms, and assorted vegetables. The soup was yum, but we wanted it thicker. And parang instant noodles ang gamit. Just confused with the description on their menu. It says the miso ramen has ground pork while the shoyu ramen has roast pork. Was this a hybrid?


Thumbs up for their Fried Gyoza (195php). We asked for some mayo and they gave it to us free of charge. Yay!


I had the Salmon Teppanyaki Bento that includes the salmon teppanyaki (salmon belly in sweet-savory sauce), salad (loved the dressing they used), salmon sashimi (in fairness, really fresh), rice (don’t think they use Japanese rice), and watermelon. I was satisfied with this bento choice.


Nothing fancy here in Sakura, but I do understand why they’ve been around for two decades already. It’s a good resto, there are just a lot of new ones that are far better.

Sakura Japanese Restaurant and Grocery
Second Floor, Glorietta 4
Ayala Avenue, Makati City

// listening to Gina G – Just a Little Bit


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