XO 46 Heritage Bistro – Century City Mall

I’ll go straight to the point…

Our dining experience here was superb– from the delectable dishes to the excellent service. Looks like this will become our fast fave!


The staff uses straight Tagalog when talking to the guests, except when addressing them “señorito”or “señorita”. Lakas maka-sosyal! Hehe! Pati credit card, nagawa pa nilang sabihin na “tarhetang pang-utang”. Nakakaaliw! :D


They also served complimentary cornick and puto na may minatamis na mantekilya at aligue mantekilya (sweet butter and crabfat butter) as we waited for our chosen dishes to arrive. At… may bugtong (riddle) pa na kasama ‘yung puto!


We had garlic rice (160php) good for 3-4 people that we managed to finish because it was just so good. Parang may butter na kasama.


The Sugpo sa Aligue (480php) was very rich. Sarsa pa lang, ayos na ako. I liked this better than Locavore’s Sugpo con Mayonesa.


The Lechon Sisig (335php) was crunchy and flavorful. At masarap pala ang bell peppers with lechon.


For dessert, we had the Mango con Broas Mabuhay (185php). It’s decadent layers of ladyfingers, sweet cream and ripe mangoes served with mantecado ice cream.


Another complimentary treat from them… Chocnut!


Just in case you’re wondering, the resto has been named as such for its featured recipes from the Masigan and Siytangco, served in an ambience that will take you back to the ancestral feel of your provinces. XO stands for extraordinary to describe the dishes, while (19)46 is the year the Americans left the Philippines


Extraordinary food indeed!  Sending out my XOXO to the owners and staff of XO 46 Heritage Bistro!

XO 46 Heritage Bistro
Second Floor, Century City Mall,
Kalayaan Avenue, Poblacion, Makati City
02 5568143

// listening to Brooklyn Nine Nine – S03E02


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