Shi Lin Taiwanese Restaurant – Trinoma

We were a week fresh from our Japan trip that we opted for some Taiwanese food first, so we went to Shi Lin. It’s most likely named after Taipei’s Shilin Market, the largest and most famous night market in the city.


Shi Lin is Miko’s favorite place for dim sum, and I was craving for some xiao long bao which is one of their bestsellers. The xlb was soup-er good (see what I did there? nyahaha)


it tasted better with black vinegar + light soy sauce + grated ginger. It costs 175php for 6 pieces and 270php for 10.


Not a fan of their Salt and Pepper Squid (368php) . Apart from the boring presentation, it tasted kinda bland.


The Fried Rice with Pork Chop and Egg (238php) was a waaay better fried choice than the squid. The pork was crispy on the outside and moist and tender inside. Foodie and Takaw suggested dipping sauce: black vinegar + chili garlic.


We liked the Crispy Prawn Cake, too. This costs 138php. Should have taken this as an appetizer though and not the last dish of our meal. (Nabitin pa kasi ako sa food eh hahaha)


Shi Lin has several branches in the metro– Podium, Eastwood, ATC, Powerplant, BGC, Lucky Chinatown, and Trinoma.


Shi Lin
Fourth Floor, Trinoma Mall,
North Triangle, Quezon City
+63 9276880206

// listening to Scandal – S05E02


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