Asia Pop Comicon Manila 2015

We attended the last day of the Asia Pop Comicon at the World Trade Center (Sep 20) and I enjoyed even if we were there for barely 3 hours pero mejo nasayangan pa rin ako sa 500php entrance fee! :P


Local and international comic book artists were there and it’s awesome that we got to meet Whilce Portacio.


He is noted for his work on The Punisher, X-Factor, Uncanny X-Men (for which he co-created Bishop with Jim Lee and John Byrne), Iron Man, Wetworks, and Spawn.


In August 2000, he fell into a diabetic coma, and was unable to draw a couple of months after. When he recovered, he went back to his artistic duties including  the DC Series Batman Confidential.


There was a part of the hall where artists spoke about their craft and entertained the queries of the audience.


Dozens of cosplayers were in the venue, the most famous being Alodia Gosiengfiao. Not really sure what her character was that day.


There’s an area where trailers and clips were shown. Too bad I didn’t get to see the Civil Wars trailer.


Of course there were loads of comics for sale. I’m not into comics (Garfield lang) but there were a lot of cool things that caught my attention like–


My mighty baby Thor. :p


And here’s his Mjölnir. This is considered to be one of Norse mythology’s most fearsome weapons. Also one of the heaviest. Hehehe


Looks at that cute girl! parang ako lang nung bata ako! Bawal pumalag. Ang papalag, hahampasin ko ng Mjölnir!


And here’s KITT! David Hasselhoff’s car from the 1980’s series Knight Rider! KITT is an advanced artificially intelligent and almost indestructible car. Dream car ito ng tatay ko (and the other dads most likely) noong 80’s.


Here’s a reminder that the Superman-Batman movie is just around the corner. Sigggghhh. Wish I could see Christian Bale in person donning the Batman costume. Eh olats, si Affleck na. Gods of Gotham, please make him not fuck up Batman.


And here’s the Hulkbuster. This was designed by Tony Stark/Iron Man for hand-to-hand combat with the rampaging Hulk.


And here are the Frozen and Inside Out characters! I want an Anger toy!!! Kamukha ko ni Miko! Nyahahaha


I wanted to have my picture taken with the Hulk kaso lang baka sabihin twins kami. HIhihhihi


Batsy’s looking mighty fine here, but I walked away because I’m sure this costs a fortune.


Si Gundam ba ito?  wpid-dsc_4768.jpg

And here’s the line to have your picture taken with Arrow star Colton Haynes (Roy Harper/Arsenal). I like his character but I do not have that much patience for queues.


Ibang usapan kung si Stephen Amell (Arrow/Oliver Queen) ang nandito sa Pinas. Kung kinakailangan akong magcamping sa venue at pumila for hours ng nakatayo (with matching 5-inch heels), gagawin ko. I LOVE YOU!!!!


Nagpapicture muna ako with Lego Darth,


a Lego Stormtrooper.  wpid-dsc_4755_20150924163600930.jpg

and Batman, of course! :D


I bought a shirt as souvenir from a local artist, Vincent Trinidad.


Say hello to Joker x McDo. Pwede ko itong ipanakot sa mga bata this Halloween. :p


// listening to How To get Away With Murder – S02E02


3 thoughts on “Asia Pop Comicon Manila 2015

  1. I went there on the second day! the only thing I didn’t like about the event was that the food stalls were outside and it was so damn hot!!!

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