The Best Ramen We Had In Tokyo

We had our fill of different kinds of ramen during our vacation. One ramen shone brighter than the rest and it’s not Ichiran. (Though they gave best ramen dining experience…. wait for my review.)


The best ramen we had was in Jimbocho. That was when we just arrived in Tokyo. Unfortunately, I was too tired and sleepy from the trip that I did not manage to take a picture of the whole store to get the name! But thanks to Sakura Hotel Jimbocho for finding out the name for me. It’s Chuka Ouki Chubou! It’s at 68 Yasukuni-dōri. That’s one of the 2 main streets of the neighborhood. If my memory serves me right, it’s very near the corner where there’s a Starbucks beside a McDonald’s.


It’s a fairly new restaurant. I know because I checked Google Street View and the spot’s still vacant in their most recent (March 2015) image.


They have several kinds of ramen and rice meals to choose from. Miko got the Tintin Noodles Set. It has tantanmen ramen, gyoza, and rice. That’s 840 JPY so that’s 328Php. I had the Chahan Setto. It has fried rice, gyoza, and soup. Mine’s 650JPY or 254Php.


The gyoza was perfectly browned on the bottom, with delicious filling. The dipping sauce was good, too, that we didn’t ask for mayo anymore. Just in case you don’t know, Miko is fond of dipping his gyoza in Japanese mayo. Nagaya ako pero I put some chili powder pa. Try niyo. :p


The egg soup that came with my meal was light and yummy. There’s pork, scallions, and shrimps in the superbly seasoned chahan… and it’s something I wish I could copy at home. Sarap!


Now for the ramen… Tantanmen is the Japanese version of a Chinese (Sichuan) specialty, the dandan noodles. It’s spicy chili and sesame soup with egg noodles and pork, lots of sesame seeds, and chopped scallions. Definitely a 5 1/2 out of 5, solid body and very rich.


When we do go back to Tokyo, we will absolutely come back for this. You should hunt it down and experience it if you do find yourself in the area, too.

Chuka Ouki Chubou
Operating Hours- 11:00~22:00, Open Sundays
Contact: 03-5577-6185 (+81-3-5577-6185)

// listening to Jon Secada – Just Another Day


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