Tokyo Trip – Sakura Hotel Jimbocho

This was our home during our vacation in Tokyo. Miko insisted that we stay here because he also stayed at Sakura in his solo trips in Japan.


Sakura Hotel Jimbocho is an affordable and comfortable hotel that can accommodate individuals, families and groups, in Jimbocho, Central Tokyo. It’s pretty popular with travelers- especially backpackers. It’s located just 2 minutes by foot from Jimbocho Station that serves 3 subway lines so guests have convenient access to almost anywhere in the Tokyo area. Due its central location, guests are able to walk to visit-worthy places like the Tokyo Dome, the Imperial Palace and Tokyo Station. By train, it’s 10 minutes away from Shibuya (where Hachiko is hehehe) and Akihabara (where maid cafes are).


They have a multilingual and very helpful staff (Hello Mai!!!) that can assist you with directions, train tickets, or anything you need to know about Tokyo. There’s a shelf full of maps by the reception. Feel free to get some. :p

Each room is air conditioned, and equipped with a TV and free wi-fi.


The common area has an indoor and outdoor section. You can watch tv via projector in the indoor section. And in the outdoor area that faces the tiny alley way street, you can watch people– mostly on bikes. Hehehe.  


There is no en-suite bathrooms in Sakura Hotel Jimbocho, so some call it hostel instead of hotel. But fear not, there are 2 shower rooms and 4 toilets per floor. There’s also an area per floor where you can brush your teeth, blowdry your hair, or beautify yourself. :p I just have to mention that they have Western toilets so no need to worry about having to squat if you’re not down with that. Their toilet paper is water soluble too! :D


Their café serves a variety of international dishes, but I did not find anything Filipino. May I suggest that they include adobo on their list?

Since we were always out during lunch and dinner, I did not get to try the other food in the hotel, except one night that I had their shrimp and pepper pasta. Loved the the firmness of the noodles and creaminess of the sauce, but I wanted it spicier. :)


Our accommodation included free breakfast– bread, coffee, marmalade and jams, and soup.  


They use UCC coffee, creamer, and syrup. They also have brown sugar and Splenda. You can make your buttered toast yummier with blueberry jam, orange marmalade (my favorite), and strawberry jam.


Their Morning Soup is also good. Loved it with buttered toast sans the jam. It has fresh greens, is savory and a little bit bitter.


Just pay extra if you want to have tea or soda instead of coffee.


Or why not beer? They have a good selection of Japanese and imported beers.


I wouldn’t mind staying in Sakura Hotel Jimbocho again the next time I’m in Tokyo. I’d also consider staying in their other branches– Asakusa, Ibebukuro, and Hatagaya (Shibuya).


Thank you, Sakura Hotel Jimbocho for being one of the reasons why our Tokyo Trip was awesome! :)

For room rates and other info, check out their official website: .

And for more info about the streets of Jimbocho, check out .

// listening to David Bowie – Let’s Dance


3 thoughts on “Tokyo Trip – Sakura Hotel Jimbocho

  1. going to tokyo this autumn. this looks like a good choice for our accommodation since there will be a lot of us vacationing. i also like that itís in central ttokyo. thank you for blogging about this! god bless!

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