The Rib Shack – Pilar Village, Las Piñas

Southside people, rejoice! There’s finally a go-to place for ribs in your area, apart from the usual Racks and Tony Roma’s. (Well, at least that’s where I used to eat when I was still living in BF Paranaque, saan pa ba meron?)


The Rib Shack opened its doors mid-July. It’s located at the PDC Compound in Pilar Village, just a few meters away from the Pilar Road guardhouse.


Didn’t expect lots of people to be there last Saturday because it was raining hard. Oh well. Walang ulan na makapipigil sa taong gutom na may pakay! :p


And so from Quezon City (Miko) and Makati (me), we went to Las Piñas to dine at the shack. Good to know that instead of hanging out in Town, Westgate or BF, we can go to Pilar. (Too much routine is boring!!!)


You can enjoy your meal inside or at the al fresco area. Our friend Dave wanted to spare the other customers from my ingay (pffftttt. me? noisy?) so he chose the (kinda far away) gazebo area.


We got the following for dinner and drinks!

Beer, mojito, and margarita. Drinks agad? Alcoholic kasi ‘yung nasa background. Hihihi!


Citrus Mixed Salad. Loved the citrus dressing… gusto kong kopyahin sa bahay!


Flavorful and fall-off-the-bone RIBS with garlic potato balls, buttered vegetables, and grilled corn as sides. For a SINGLE order, you get 1 side. For an IN A RELATIONSHIP ORDER, you get 2 sides. For an IT’S COMPLICATED order, you get 3. :p


Four Cheese Pizza. My favorite among all the dishes because I’m a cheese monster. Good cheeses used and crisp thin crust.


Buffalo Wings. Very saucy and moderately spicy. We’ll try the Big Bad Breast next time. (For our macros, haha!)


Fish and Chips. Flaky and tender fish in light (grease-free?) batter, yummy tartare sauce, so-so chunky chips.


Cheesecake. One of the best cheesecakes I’ve ever had. Sobrang panalo, naka-dalawang order! :p I’d buy a whole cake if it’s possible. (Paging the owner of The Rib Shack, pwede pong bumili ng isang buo?) See that brown thing on top? That’s dulce de leche.


Brownie A La Mode. Super fudgy brownie. Miko-approved. :p


Tequila Sunrise and more Mojito and more beer. Just because.


Loved our experience at The Shack. Great food, steady ambience, fast and friendly service. This place is worth going back to. (Bedan friends, let’s go? Reunion na dito? Hehe!)


Here’s their menu. Hope to see more kinds of rib dishes soon!

the rib shack lp menu

The Rib Shack
PDC Compound, Pilar Village, Las Piñas

// listening to Jeff Buckley – Everybody Here Wants You


3 thoughts on “The Rib Shack – Pilar Village, Las Piñas

  1. Grabe kayong magjowa! Kung saan saan kayo gumagala para lumafez! :D And your hair is red!!! Ganda ganda!

    I love what they call their ribs. Dun ako sa It’s Complicated. Uubusin ko mag-isa!

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