Kanin Club – UP Technohub

Perhaps the first thing that we crave for when the weather starts to get chilly is a big bowl of steaming hot sinigang.

Sinigang na Tadyang Ng Baka (P400, Beef Ribs in Sour Broth) was our sinigang of choice when we went to Kanin Club in UP Technohub. We also got one of their bestsellers (and their most copied dish, according to their menu) Crispy Dinuguan.


The sinigang tasted like something you’d find in your mom’s kitchen– tender meat and loads of veggies in perfectly sour soup. Their dinuguan is crispy deep fried pork simmered in a stew of pork blood. It costs P290.


For dessert, we had the Leche Flan With Macapuno (P85). Not pretty, but very yummy! :P

We spent around P1,100 for all those dishes and 3 cups of rice, a can of soda, and a glass of mango shake.


Kanin Club
Ground Floor, UP Ayala Technohub,
Commonwealth Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City
02 3325978

// listening to Mase – Feel So Good


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