Her Favorite Second Best

It was a lovely night.

They had dinner of gourmet pork dishes paired with locally brewed beers at a place so packed that they had to dine at the bar. She didn’t mind the cramped space. All that mattered was she was right beside someone who’d smile from ear to ear whenever he’d look at her.

They continued drinking at a place where the music was always from two to three decades ago. They were joined by two close friends who were supposed to get married last summer. Three things that she remembered from the conversation with that couple– faith, fate, and the future. The last one seemed particularly frightful, but she knew then that she’s done being afraid. There was something about him that made her feel safe and secure even if she’s not exactly someone who needed to be protected or saved.

They were on their way to the parking lot when he stopped walking, stood in front of her, kissed her, and said, “Thank you for making me happy.”

It was the second best thing to hearing him say “I love you.” for the first time.

But it’s her number one favorite memory. And something she would always go back to whenever she would like to see him smile from ear to ear again.

// listening to Cultured Pearls – Not This Time


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