Revisiting Ramen Yushoken

My most favorite ramen joint with my most favorite person! I’ve been to Ramen Yushoken several times already, but last Saturday was the best visit because I raved about their tantanmen so many times and I finally made Miko try it that day.


As expected, the resto was full on a Saturday night. I think it’s the only resto that side of Molito that was packed.


Had some rootbeer and pink lemonade (P60 each) as we waited for our order to arrive, but it didn’t take long. Naka-isang sip pa lang yata ako sa lemonade, dumating na.


I apologize for the ugly photo, but I was so excited to eat that I didn’t bother to take a better shot of my Shoyu Ramen (P350). Shoyu is soy-based. The noodles were firm, yet chewy. It was served with bamboo shoots, a thick slice of chashu (that wonderful grilled pork over there), black garlic bits, garlic oil and sesame seeds.


This is their Tantanmen (P380)- my most favorite ramen in the world, which I expect to be only replaced when we go to Tokyo this August and I finally get to eat 120% authentic ramen. :p Tantanmen is sesame-based and spicy and has ground pork and pechay. It’s not super duper spicy, but like me whenever I eat this, Miko was sweating upon finishing his bowl.

The ramen doesn’t include egg. The aji tamago is P80. ramen is always better with it, so don’t scrimp! :p


We also had gyoza. It was my first time to appreciate their gyoza (maybe because I had it before finishing my ramen) and noticed that they have the best gyoza too because apart from it being very delicious (with Japanese mayo), the filling is almost juicy- or with juice (how the hell should I describe it. Halp!), reminded me of a Xiao long bao.


Miko was so happy with the food that he ordered karaage (P210) even if we’re already full. he said it tasted exactly like the ones he had in Tokyo. Guess I’ll find out this August if I will agree with him on this. *excited*

Just a reminder, Yushoken has a no take out policy applicable only to their ramens. They say if you wanted to eat ramen at home, better eat instant noodles. Hehe. :p


If you are from the South and haven’t been to Ramen Yushoken yet, what the hell is wrong with you? If you are elsewhere, I guarantee you, a trip here is absolutely worth it. :D


Ramen Yushoken
Molito Commercial Complex,
Alabang, Muntinlupa City
02 8087424

// listening to Brandon Flowers – I Can Change


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