Livestock Restaurant And Bar – Sgt. Esguerra, Quezon City

Crispy pata is my favorite Pinoy pork dish. I like it better than lechon. Kapag Christmas nga, crispy pata ang nirerequest ko na lutuin ni Mama. There was a time, she made roast chicken instead. I cried. Muntikan pa ako maglayas. Charot. :p


One Sunday, despite eating loads of lechon pork belly and chicharon the day before, Miko and I went to Livestock to try their crispy pata. The resto claims to have the most tender version in town. One popular website even placed it on top of their list. (I am not a fan of this website though. They have a lot of lists that make go WTF?!)


We were there around 5pm and there were only a few customers, but I noticed that most of the tables were reserved.

Here’s Miko waiting for our food to arrive. It didn’t take too long. Gutom lang talaga siya kaya mukha siyang hangry (hungry + angry).


Saw this interesting mural on their second floor. Naku. Ingat-ingat pala ako dapat. Baka mag-evolve ako to Miss Piggy!


They have a smoking area on the second floor. Looks like a great place to be after work! Beer and crispy pata? Sounds good to me!


First to arrive was the Ripe Mango Shake (P120). He liked it, but the one from Mer-Ben’s in Tagaytay is still #1 for Mikmik.


Then, the Melt-In-Your-Mouth Crispy Pata (P650)…. see that popsicle? That’s what you use to cut it. The meat’s very tender indeed. Very crispy skin too. The taste? It’s deliciously sinful. We can’t say it’s the best tasting crispy pata we’ve ever, but definitely the most tender. And hey, we loved it. :)

But I didn’t love the sawsawan. Hindi masyadong malinamnam ang toyo na gamit nila. And konti lang yung onions, pinagdagdagan ko lang. Hope this can be improved!


Their Garlic Rice – Petite (P95) is good for 2-3 persons. It was so-so. Not garlicky enough for us.


Their Vegetable Seafood Pot (P270) was satisfying. Hindi tinipid sa ingredients. Maraming broccoli, mushroom, and shrimps. Sorry na, hindi kita gaano sa picture. :D I expected the dish to be spicier nga lang.


Last to arrive was my Watermelon Shake (P150). It was creamy and refreshing. Ang daming milk! Yumyum!


We paid almost P1,400 for our meal. Not bad considering we only ate half of the crispy pata and the veggie-seafood dish. May baon pa ako the following day! :P Okay naman kahit na na-reheat na. Masarap and crispy pa rin ‘yung pork.


The next time we go here, we’ll probably just have the boneless crispy pata or the crackling pork belly. Other dishes we want to try are the Lechon Tom Yum, Bacon Pesto Carbonara, and Bacon Ice Cream French Toast. Hehe puro baboy pa rin! They also have fish and chicken dishes. The Steamed Soy Apahap is also something I might get. Pa-healthy kunyari.


Diners started coming in around 6:30pm. By then, we were a bite away from suffering a food coma. :p


Livestock Restaurant And Bar
Jardin De Zanaida Compound, 34 Sergeant
Esguerra Avenue, Near Tomas Morato,
South Triangle, Quezon City
02 3320409

// listening to Sam Smith – Like I Can


6 thoughts on “Livestock Restaurant And Bar – Sgt. Esguerra, Quezon City

  1. walking distance from where I live but still haven’t eaten here. will take note of this and eat there super soon!

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