Lazy Bastard – Bel-Air, Makati

Saw that neon wall décor online (Instagram or Facebook feed, I don’t remember…)and I told myself, I just gotta eat at Lazy Bastard. Bacon pala ha!


We looked for it in Jupiter St. one Sunday afternoon and saw that it’s just near the Japanese bakeshop Yamato and the ramen place Mitsuyado Seimen.


Pretty straightforward sign, huh? It’s kindly hard not to be awesome if the star of your dishes is bacon.


Their menu is written on the chalkboard, but I don’t know what bad thing I did to my camera’s settings so I don’t have a good picture of it. Booooo. Anyway, they have burgers and hotdogs and breakfast food and sides like fries, potato tots, and onion rings.


They also have a speakeasy called ABV or alcohol by volume which opens at 8pm. Too bad we got in 3 hours early. :\


While waiting for our food to arrive, we were given some kimchi to taste. I usually turn green at the sight of kimchi, but when we were told that it has bacon (or was it cooked in bacon grease?), I immediately forgot my hatred for it and chowed. Sarap! Oh bacon, you can do me no wrong.


We got a Bacon Cheeseburger (220php) with egg (30php) and jalapenos (30php) and a Chili Dog.

The burger’s nothing fancy, just a huge great-tasting patty (made from 100% ground chuck) with nicely melted cheddar cheese, thick damn delicious bacon, and veggies. The only thing that we think needs to improve is the bun. Too soft for all the scrumptious goodies it holds.


The dog was very good- salty and meaty. The chili had an inviting smell, taste and texture. It’s not as spicy as I would have wanted, but next time I will just add jalapenos.


Had some Onion Rings (100php) and Tater Tots (100php) which were okay. I liked both with kimchi. Hehehe. :D


Lazy Bastard did not disappoint. May they serve milkshakes soon to add to their awesomeness. :D


Lazy Bastard
Basement Floor, 22 Jupiter Corner Galaxy Street,
Bel-Air, Makati City
+63 9178127020, 02 8325330


// listening to Neil Diamond – Sweet Caroline


3 thoughts on “Lazy Bastard – Bel-Air, Makati

  1. wanting to try this but waiting for good reviews and now that I already found one, I’m going!!!!! BACON!!!!1

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