Sisig Society – Eastwood City

Want to have your own sisig creation? Visit Sisig Society in Eastwood!


You can have your sisig with rice, pasta, nachos, or tacos. You can have the classic pork sisig, go healthy with chicken, or go unusual with seafood. There are also toppings like bacon and cheese.


Miko decided to go classic with Pork Sisig with Rice and Egg and I had a Pork Sisig Taco.


You can click on the menu above to see the items and prices clearly.


The pork sisig wasn’t Kapampangan-style like what he prefers, but he still enjoyed it because it’s well-seasoned and crunchy. Think Gerry’s Grill x 3.


I liked the taco, but was a wee disappointed because I thought it would have a Mexican flair, but it’s okay because the sauce was tangy and went well with the meat.


My favorite part of our Sisig Society visit though was their wall. O di ba, saktong-sakto sa amin? Hihihi.


Sisig Society serves beer. Can’t go wrong with the sisig-SML combo, yeah? Yeah.

Sisig Society
Eastwood Citywalk 1,
Libis, Quezon City

// listening to The Flash – S01E22


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