Didi’s Pizza – Angeles, Pampanga

We were traveling to Limay, Bataan last Holy Week break when we thought of having lunch at Aling Lucing’s Sisig in Angeles first, but it was closed (it was Good Friday then) so Miko suggested we go to the place with the BEST PIZZA IN THE WORLD.

Me, LA, and Carlo: Ows? Best pizza in the world talaga?

Miko: In MY world!



Didi’s Pizza is along MacArthur Highway in Balibago, Angeles City, Pampanga. It’s one of the more popular restos in that area, not only for its home style square pizzas, but for its tacos, burgers, and popular Pinoy dishes as well.

We had a large Combination Pizza. It has mushrooms, salami, sausage, pepperoni, and lots of cheese. I can’t really say it’s the best pizza in the world, but it was definitely enjoyable, especially spiked with hot sauce. :D


We also had Lumpiang Shanghai, which was only 84php. Pretty cheap considering it had a lot of filling and tasted great.


The Sizzling Sisig (136php) was truly Kapampangan-style. Flavorful porky goodness with liver and lots of onions. Kahit hindi na timplahan ng kalamansi at toyo, perfect na.


Total bill (including 4 cups of garlic rice, juice, and soda) was less than a thousand. You might want to check out Didi’s if you’ve already grown tired of commercial pizza and Aling Lucing’s sisig.


Didi’s Pizza
769 Mac Arthur Highway,
Balibago, Angeles City, Pampanga
(045) 322 5557

// listening to Stone Temple Pilots – Big Empty


9 thoughts on “Didi’s Pizza – Angeles, Pampanga

  1. Thank you for sharing! I created a new blog last month called Real Life Natural Wife! I really enjoyed yours. Come check out my new post and leave me a comment with your thoughts!

  2. my mother is from angeles and this is her pasalubong to me and my sibs whenever she’d go to our family house there. not really the best pizza in the world, but the best pizza in Pampanga. =P

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