Tambai Yakitori Snackhouse – Poblacion, Makati

If you wanna make tambay while eating some tusok-tusok, I suggest you visit this unfancy yakitori place in Makati called Tambai.


My friend Shani and I tried the place a couple of weeks ago. It’s near the Mexican joint El Chupacabra in Felipe St.


There aren’t many choices, but the menu is interesting. They have several alcoholic beverages to choose from- including sake. Too bad I had to go back to the office after dinner, so I just had Coke. (Booo.)


I had the Soft Shell Crab Kushikatsu (180php) with Japanese mayo,


U.S. Beef Isaw (40php) with spicy vinegar,


and Kimchi Rice (60php). Shani had Japanese Rice (50php… that’s furikake sprinkled on top),


US Pork Barbecue (40php) and Quail Egg and Bacon (50php).


Everything tasted good, except for the crab kushikatsu that tasted fantastic. :D And the quail egg with bacon was great too, because bacon. :p It was Shani’s first time to eat isaw and I congratulate her for surviving it. She did not turn green at all. Hehe.


Gonna bring Miko here one of these days. We’ll make tambai and eat everything I haven’t tried yet.

Tambai Yakitori Snackhouse
5779 Felipe Street,
Poblacion, Makati City
02 21556965

// listening to Arrow – S03E20


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