Rico’s Lechon Cebu

The only thing I like when Miko leaves for Cebu is the guaranteed lechon as pasalubong! :p

He finally had time to get some Rico’s. And it’s the best among all the yummy porky goodies from Cebu that I ever tasted.


I refried it and made some dipping sauce of cane vinegar with brown sugar, chili flakes, and minced garlic. I brought it to the office to share with my workmates, because my dad said that the secret to eating lechon is sharing. Kapag daw kasi hindi ako nag-share, ako ang magmumukhang ile-lechon!


Loved the flavorful spicy meat and the equally flavorful skin and that it’s fatty but not headache-inducing.


Sorry CNT and Zubuchon, my heart and tummy now belong to Rico’s.

* Cover photo from Rico’s Lechon’s website http://ricos-lechon.com/

Rico’s Lechon
Highway 77, Talamban Cebu City
(034) 344-0119

// listening to Bb. Pilipinas funny Q&A moments


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