Alegre’s Canteen in Mahogany Market – Tagaytay City

We didn’t expect that the Caleruega grounds would be so vast that we were hungry by the time we finished exploring it. We munched on some bread from Sonya’s Garden, but saved our appetite for bulalo. It’s our second bulalo meal in this Tagaytay trip, but what the heck. More bulalo, more fun!


We’ve already tried bulalo in places like Antonio’s, Leslie’s, Josephine’s, Rowena’s, Green ATS, Taalena’s, and Mer-bens, so we thought why not get our fill from the market this time. We chose an eatery that was featured in Biyahe ni Drew. As you can see from the photo above, they are quite proud to have been featured in several tv shows.


Their bulalo is as basic as it gets. It has meat and pechay in simmering broth. Walang mais, patatas, at kung ano pang ek-ek. Sabi nga, hindi daw tunay na bulalo ang ganon. Nilaga raw ang tawag sa ganon. Or pochero?


The waitress got the pieces of beef and cut the meat for us. Siya pa ang naglagay sa bowls naming. Perfect meat-utak ratio. The bulalo here is smart… mautak. :p Found theĀ bulalo from Mer-Ben’s tastier though.


They didn’t have garlic rice available so we paired it with plain rice. Sayang. Mas gusto ko pa naman na katerno ng bulalo ang sinangag na maraming bawang.


They also didn’t have Coke that time so I was stuck with Sprite. Huhuhu!


I liked their pork sisig better than their bulalo. Their sisig is Kapampangan-style and parating pa lang sa table, heaven na ‘yung amoy. Nanunuot na agad sa nostrils ko ‘yung anghang. :p Their other specialties are crispy crablets, tawilis, papaitan, goto Batangas, and kaldereta.


As expected, the meat they used tasted fresh. Not surprising at all because of course, they get it straight from the palengke right beside it.


Didn’t have time to get premium cuts of Batangas beef that time, but of course there is always a next time when it comes to Tagaytay.


I wonder what bulalo we’ll get to try next… :)


Alegre’s Canteen
Mahogany Market, Tagaytay City

// listening to The Commitments – Mustang Sally


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