Caleruega Church – Nasugbu, Batangas

Visita Iglesia 2015 is coming up, so I want to share with you the pilgrimage we made to Caleruega after our stay at Balinsasayaw Bed and Brunch in Tagaytay.

Take note, pilgrimage po. Hindi po church-hunting for the wedding. :p


Caleruega is already part of Nasugbu, Batangas, though it’s only few minutes away from Alfonso, Tagaytay. Coming from this side, it is way past Chapel On The Hill. You will have to pass a bumpy road to get to Caleruega. Maganda naman ang view, so okay lang. Please refer to the map below. :)


There are stalls selling fruits, vegetables, coolers, and local snacks outside the chapel. There are a lot of kids who will be super kulit in asking you to buy the bags of camote or bananas that they’re selling para daw pang-school nila. Magpa-uto ka na. Minsan lang naman eh. :)


We opted to eat some dirty ice cream before we started the tour. Buti na lang we ate first because I didn’t expect the church grounds to be so huge! Don’t forget- there is an entrance fee of 30php.


Caleruega was named after the birthplace of St. Dominic de Guzman, the father of the Order of The Preachers. Wishing to honor and remember the legacy of their founder, the Filipino Dominicans established Caleruega with the hopes that it will, like the town of Caleruega in Spain, be a birthplace- a genesis for the people speaking to and for the Divine Creator.


The first that you will see is the Fountain Compass, then the Cenaculum or refectory. This is also where you can get Caleruega mementos.


Caleruega’s vision and mission is to be a mode amidst the beauty of nature where pilgrims are open to prayer, to creative transformation, and to Gospel values.


I love their sculpted stations of the cross that can be found at their Manaoag Drive Via Crusis.


There are relaxing and refreshing spots inside Caleruega, and guess which one caught our attention……….


The Garden Café of course! Hehehehe! There aren’t many choices though. May hotdog sandwiches ako nakita and mga chichiria.


You can eat at the café or bring you can bring it to one of the tents.


Or bring it to the Japanese Garden while watching the kois swim.


There’s a hanging bridge that you can cross to get to Kampo Arriba or the Worm Farm.


I am afraid of heights but because even the kids were having fun crossing the bridge, nakigaya na rin ako. sa lagay ba na ýon eh sila lang ang kayang umalog ng bridge? :p


Si Miko chill na chill lang o.


We saw a small sari-sari store and bought bottled water (20php/500ml) and sat on the grass to take a break from all the walking. Tsaka ang init nung pumunta kami. Tanghaling tapat ba naman.


May families na nagpi-picnic under the trees. May mga barkada na naghahabulan.


And shempre, may Foodie and Takaw na nag-selfie. Nyehehe!


We walked for a couple of minutes more to get to the main reason of our visit– the Transfiguration Chapel. Ang ganda ganda! Corny na, but seeing it brought tears to my eyes. Thank You Lord at narating ko na rin! It’s one of the most beautiful places of worship I’ve ever seen.


Didn’t expect the chapel to be that small though. It’s gorgeous nonetheless. The altar is magnificent. Ganda nung stained class.


The chapel is surrounded with vibrant flowers and lots of trees. Truly picturesque. No wonder a lot of couples choose to get married there.


They also have halls that can be used for receptions. Their Veritas hall can accommodate 200 people, while the Gazebuko can accommodate 70. Not sure how many for Plaza de Aza (open-air roofdeck), but they say it is made for huge gatherings.


We had some fresh buco juice (20php per cup) before we left. What a cool way to cap off a lovely visit to Caleruega that warm sunny Sunday afternoon.


I cannot wait to go back. :)

Here’s the map for all those planning to visit:


Batulao, Nasugbu, Batangas
09212709890, 09218304226
Office Hours 8am – 5pm daily

// listening to Pentatonix – Rather Be


5 thoughts on “Caleruega Church – Nasugbu, Batangas

  1. always thought it’s called the caleruega chapel. so it’s transfiguration chapel. I learn something new everyday!

  2. wow! We used to go here for our school retreats back in college.. Di ko alam na may entrance fee pala! Kamiss… :-) makapag field trip nga ulit dyan next time pag nagturista mode ako ulit sa south.. ;p

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  4. Cute couple. Hope you end up walking down the aisle of Caleruega. <3 And cheers to more awesome features. I enjoyed reading your blog!

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