Balinsasayaw Bed and Brunch – Tagaytay

Almost all of the good hotels were booked on the weekend we went to Tagaytay. The available ones were toooooo pricey. Yung tipong, kesa ipambayad ng hotel, ipangbili na lang naming ng plane tickets. :p


We tried to look for accomodations that google didn’t show on the search results. We went to the side that’s on the way to Nasugbu, because we also had plans to go to Caleruega. We chanced upon the newly opened Balinsasayaw Bed and Brunch.


Ain’t it pretty? I love the glass walls!


One of the staff, Georgia, showed us the available rooms. The first room she showed us (I didn’t take photos) was located on the ground floor. It’s pretty spacious and nicely decorated, but no view of the Taal Lake. the room is priced at 3,500php.


The room that we liked and got (4,400php) is located at the 2nd floor with an awesome view of the lake.


Hello there, Taal!


Bagay pa ‘yung outfit ko sa furniture.


O di’ba? Terno kami! Hahaha!


The bathroom’s not so big. They use Watson products.


There’s no tub, but there’s a hot and cold shower.


This is the living room.


Here’s the kitchen.


The pool.


Ang gandaaaa! Parang nakakalula lang mag-swimming dito! And with the super chilly weather two Saturdays ago, even if we brought swimwear, I don’t think we would have braved the waters. :p


After paying, we left our home for the weekend and went to Bag of Beans for snacks, then to Spa On The Go to get some massage. Sports for him, Swedish for me. Mer-Ben Tapsilogan for their extra special bulalo. But of course, we didn’t leave Balinsasayaw Bed and Brunch without getting a photo with the famed volcano in our background. :)


We got back around midnight and we had problems opening the door. Nag-loose thread daw. The caretaker was able to fix it naman in a matter of minutes. :) We woke up early the following day, excited for our brunch!


They serve breakfast as early as 8am. There was no telephone in the room and I think I got the wrong number of the staff, so I went down to the reception area at their pavilion to order.


Their dining area at the pavilion looks terrific, but I wanted to eat at the humongous table at the dining area on our floor.


The brunch comes free with the cost of the room. If you want extra, just pay around 200php per breakfast plate. That comes with coffee or hot chocolate.


I haven’t been in Balinsasayaw Restaurant yet. It’s been around for quite a few years. I heard the food there is great, so I expected our brekky to be great as well. :D Well, the hot chocolate or batirol was thick and fantastic.


The kapeng barako was quite strong. Stronger than the one I had in Bag of Beans.


Miko had the Hungarian sausage plate with scrambled eggs. Sarap nung sausage! Spicy!


I had the bacon plate. Sarap rin nung bacon! Thick slices and well-salted.


Shempre bitin sa bacon, so we got more bacon with pancakes. The pancakes tasted good, but they’re not fluffy.


There’s something about putting lemon slices in cold water that I really, really like. :)


After breakfast, we lounged around the house and took more photos. Here’s Miko na umaala kate Winslet sa Titanic. Hehe.


And here’s me with my favorite art piece in the house as my background.


We were set to leave at 12noon.

Oh wait! Did you know that a balinsasayaw is a bird? It’s edible-nest swiftlet in English! You know, yung gumagawa ng nest na ginagawa sa Nido soup! :D


And did you know that Balinsasayaw is owned by the Binays daw? I wonder how true that is.


Anyway… Before we left, we went down to the garden to check the view of Taal from that area. Hopefully, in a couple of months, they will have more flowers by the time we come back.


Hope to see you again, Balinsasayaw Bed and Brunch!

Balinsasayaw Bed and Brunch
Aguinaldo Highway, Alfonso, Tagaytay City

// listening to Scandal – S04E15


13 thoughts on “Balinsasayaw Bed and Brunch – Tagaytay

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  3. Hi do u have a different number of them? I’m trying to contact them to make a reservation but they’re not answering. Thanks

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