Dong Won Garden – Jupiter St., Makati

Korean food is not on our list of favorites, but Miko is going to Korea for a vacation soon so we went to Dong Won Garden in preparation for his trip. :p We both like Korean beef stew and barbecue, so we thought eating there won’t be so bad.


That, and we had to stay in a resto that closes late (or doesn’t close at all) while waiting for my 4am trip to Bataan. :p Dong Won is open 24 hours and it’s in a very accessible part of Makati. Also very near my office.


Perhaps my favorite part of eating in a Korean resto is the banchan (appetizers or small dishes) they serve before the main course arrives. They gave us kimchi, sweet potato in syrup, radish with chili, bean sprouts with sesame oil, macaroni salad, peanuts with garlic, okra with chili sauce, sautéed spinach, pickles, and spicy mussels. Lucky me, Miko isn’t fond of veggies so I got to eat most of the banchan. The banchan is unlimited, btw. :p


Of course we had the Beef Short-Ribs Stew or Kalbi Chim (350php). This was superb! Fall-off-the-one meat in sweet-savory broth made more delish by sesame seeds and chilies. Kaloka lang nung hindi na mainit, nagsilutangan ang sebo. Hello cholesterol!


And then the barbecue… we chose the thin-sliced pork called Samgyupsal. Miko requested that they grill it in the kitchen. Sayang, akala ko pa naman mapapag-grill ko siya uli sa table namin! :p As expected, the barbecue was fantastic. One order costs 330php.


I love squid so Miko also got a plate of grilled spicy squid or Ojing-o Gui (350php). The spices reminded us of a milder version of sambal. The squid was good, but I still prefer Chinese-style salt and pepper squid. :)


I ate the white rice and Miko had Bibimbap (150php). Bibimbap literally means mixed rice. The rice has chili paste, soybean paste, meat, veggies, and is commonly topped with egg.


We were so full that we didn’t have room anymore for dessert! Sayang they sell Korean frozen sweets like that popular fish-shaped rice wafer ice cream sandwich. Masarap daw ‘yun eh.


They also have a mini-grocery stocked with canned meat, sauces, bottled kimchi, and frozen meat.


We were too full for dessert, but not for some whisky. :p A shot of Chivas Regal is only 100php! They also have Johnnie Walker, Ballentine, Absolut, red wine, white wine, and of course… soju. A bottle of San Mig Light is around 70php.


Miko is now set for his Korea trip and I can say I’ve warmed up to Korean food too. Cheap alcohol and good barbecue is always a good idea. :D


Dong Won Garden
53 Polaris Corner Jupiter Street,
Bel-Air, Makati City
02 8983558
02 6595160

// listening to Red Hot Chili Peppers – Higher Ground


5 thoughts on “Dong Won Garden – Jupiter St., Makati

  1. I always pass by this place whenever I go to Makati. didn’t think this serves good food. thanks for the post. will try this one out soon.

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