Revisiting El Chupacabra

Miko visited me in Makati one Thursday afternoon and I brought him to my favorite Mexican food place, El Chupacabra. Haven’t been in El Chups for several months and I was surprised to find out that they already have a non-smoking area. :)


We had some horchata. It’s a popular Mexican drink made from rice served ice cold that kinda tastes like milk tea. It’s 39php for 12oz, and 69php for 16oz.


I had the San Francisco-Style Lean Pork Sisig and Miko had the Carnitas street taco, for 95php each.


I liked the tacos, but my favorite among all their street tacos is still the Camarones A La Diabla. That’s one hot number you shouldn’t miss!


Another fave of mine here is their barbecue. This has got to be my favorite grilled pork in all of Makati. The pork is tender and sweet and oh-so-yum with the spicy vinegar. A regular stick costs 20php and the jumbo is 40php.


The Sonora Dog was super filling. It has sour cream, mustard, and guacamole. May side pa na fries. Boom! Soooo not bad for 230php.


Had a Naranja Flan (100php?) for dessert. Rich and creamy and the syrup tasted like orange. Naranja is orange in Mexican, fyi.


Couldn’t drink my favorite cocktail La Chupadita because I had to go back to the office, but all’s well. Glad I got to intro El Chups to Miko. :)


You can check out my first entry about El Chupacabra here:

El Chupacabra
5782 Felipe St. cor. Polaris St., Makati City
02 895-1919
Sunday to Wednesdays – 11.00am to 12mn,
Thursdays to Saturday – 11.00am to 3am

// listening to REO Speedwagon – In My Dreams


2 thoughts on “Revisiting El Chupacabra

  1. it’s just so hard to get a table there! the food is so good that an hour or more in line is worth it.

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