Valentine’s 2015

It’s my first Valentine’s Day with Miko so excuse the extra cheesy post. :p

He got me pink flowers and oreo-cream cheese cookies from Kitchen Diaries. KiD even got a video of him answering the old school question “What is love?”


I loved that I got pink roses. I LOVE PINK ROSES!!! And the card? It says “I super kaduper love you!” O ha. Super na, kaduper pa! Hahaha! Ang sarap rin nung cookies. Sana kahit hindi Valentine’s bigyan ako ni Mikmik nito. Tsaka rin ng flowers. :p


He picked me up late afternoon and off we went to SMX for the travel expo. Hardcore ang traffic sa Buendia so we listened to covers of pop love songs para maaliw. Astig ang big band version ng I Want It That Way ng Backstreet Boys.


There were a lot of exhibitors in the travel expo, but we only checked out those that have Indonesia, Maldives, Korea, Turkey, and Japan packages.


It’s Miko’s dream to visit Istanbul, dahil yata sa Taken 2. :P I checked out the photos and mukhang masarap ang pagkain doon. Sama na rin ako! Hehe.


We’re planning to go to Tokyo late this year. Too bad the travel expo only gave out deals for the 1st half of the year. ‘Di bale, abang-abang na lang kami ng panalong deal sa June. :D And look, we saw this super awesone robot. Sino siya? Si Philippine Tourism Optimus Prime? :p


After the expo, we walked toward the mall. We were confused why there were so many people near the bay area, eh sa The Arena naman ‘yung concert nila Martin. Pyromusical competition pala! Since we’re already there, we got tickets. They sold gold tickets for 300php each and 500php for VIP.


Watched the fireworks while eating hotdogs and french fries. Italy’s display was good, but I liked Brazil’s better. Miko liked Italy’s pyromusical show more kasi pangmatanda raw ang sounds. They used Unchained Melody, songs from Grease, and I Will Always Love You. Brazil used party sounds. Ah basta, mas gusto ko ‘yung sa Brazil kasi mas malaki at mas mataas ang sabog. Hehe.


Saw this ferris wheel and remembered EK’s Wheel of Fortune. Napag-alaman ko na hindi pa pala nakakapunta sa loob ng Enchanted Kingdom si Miko. Oiiiiy! So sana bago kami mag-Japan, makapag-Sta. Rosa, Laguna muna kani. Hahaha!


It rained so we didn’t wait for the other competitors anymore. We went to Roadhouse for dinner (buffalo wings + sizzling tofu) and drinks (Jack and beer) and jazz and blues. Sakto, The Brat Pack was the band that time and Miko likes them a whole lot. I liked them too, especially when they covered Randy Santiago’s Babaero. They also played Come Together, Superstition, Black Magic Woman, and an Etta James’ song na nakalimutan ko ang title. Their orig songs are pretty kickass too. :)


Here’s my gwapo boyfriend/bestfriend/love of my life/object of my desire/foodie to my takaw singing along to a song I don’t remember. Couldn’t remember because I was busy staring at him. Yiiiiiiiii!


And here’s me wearing the locket he gave me for my birthday and smiling despite having raccoon eyes and a shiny nose because I got to spend Valentine’s with the one I truly love. (Nagwarning ako kanina na extra cheesy post ito ha.)


Our celebration was far from being as extravagant and intricate as other couples’. In fact, it’s almost just as simple and laid-back, yet fun-filled and food-filled as our other dates, but isn’t it supposed to feel like Valentine’s every time when you’re with the right person? Doesn’t matter how you celebrate it, as long as you’re both happy. I know we were. We ARE.


So cheers to travel plans, painting the sky with colors, listening to great music, eating a lot, and making dreams come true! Cheers to love and life! I hope your Valentine’s was as happy as ours!

// listening to The Brat Pack – Babaero


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