Sarsa Kitchen + Bar – Fort Bonifacio

Sarsa is a must-visit resto that serves contemporary Negrense food. It’s owned by Chef JP “Jayps” Anglo. Familiar? He’s one of the judges in Master Chef Pinoy Edition.


The resto is very easy to locate. It’s at the ground floor of Forum South Global. It tends to be jam-packed with yuppies during weekdays, so we went there Sunday late afternoon.


The staff was courteous and fast in bringing the food that we ordered, but before the dishes arrived, we were given cornik to munch on first. The sauces behind the flower arrangement are achuete oil, pinakurat vinegar, and soy sauce.


Picture-picture habang nguya-nguya ng cornik. :p


We had plain rice (35php) and Ginamos Fried Rice (60php). We loved the fried rice so much that we got another cup, kahit na usapan, half rice lang sa akin and 1 1/2 lang kay Miko! Ginamos is a fish sauce made from anchovy fry, btw.


I liked that they served the Pancit Molo (250php) with cover. Sana lahat ng resto may takip ang lagayan ng soup, di’ba? Ako kasi nag-iinit ang ulo ko kapag hindi na mainit ang sabaw. Hehe. The taste? Namit gid! The soup is native chicken broth flavored with achuete and there are chunks of prawns and pork in the wontons. Ito ang favorite ko sa lahat ng kinain namin. I love soup! And molo is one of my faves. I give this 5 1/2 out of 5 stars. :D


The Sizzling Kansi (380php) is one of their most popular dishes. Eto naman ang favorite ni Miko. It’s bulalo or beef shank with bone marrow in batwan gravy. Batwan is a souring agent used in Negrense cooking. Ang sarap ng timpla nito. Savory, hindi na kailangan isawsaw, but I liked it with some pinakurat with a bit of soy sauce.


I asked first if they grilled/broiled the eggplants first before tinorta. In some restos, they just boil it. Masarap kasi kapag inihaw muna. And yes! Grilled muna daw! Their Tortang Talong (210php) has sardines and kesong puti. Didn’t like the sardines mixed in the torta, but I liked the cheese. Si Miko, ayaw ito just because it’s gulay. Mr. Foodie doesn’t like veggies. Booooo.


We had fruit shakes, I think it’s around 100php each. Miko had mango-melon, and I had buco-guyabano. I liked his shake better. He liked mine better. So quits lang, parehong masarap. Haha.


Had the Piaya Ice Cream Sandwich with Salted Muscovado Caramel (145php) for dessert. You can choose among vanilla, ube, and cheese ice cream. We got vanilla. For the benefit of those who don’t know what a piaya is, it’s a flat unleavened bread filled with muscovado sugar. The ice cream sandwich was yum, but we hope they will use less salt next time. :p


We want to go back and try their Inasal Sisig, batchoy, crispy pata, pancit palabok, and Sinigang Fried Chicken. Good to know that we can have Sarsa not only in BGC. Their MOA branch is already open. Yay! Makati and QC naman! :D


Sarsa Kitchen + Bar
Unit 1-7, Forum South Global,
7th Ave corner 25th Street, Fort Bonifacio
Operating Hours: Mon – Sun: 11.00 AM – 11.00 PM
+63 927 706-0773

// listening to Maroon Stevie Wonder – Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I’m Yours


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