Yakiniku @ Urameshi-Ya – Little Tokyo

This is my third time to write about my favorite resto in Little Tokyo. :) Urameshi-Ya is my fave because I love yakiniku, and because this is where Mr. Foodie and I first dined together. (Ayiiiiii… cheesy!) Miko and I had ramen back then, so we decided on getting yakiniku this time. I already tried the Tarafuku Set when I was with Dave, so we had Omakase.


We had some beer and salmon sashimi as we waited for the yakiniku meats to arrive. Urameshi-Ya does not serve sashimi, but you can tell the waitstaff to get it from the resto next door. As always, the sashimi from Oishinbo did not disappoint. Thick, juicy, and fresh! Peyborit!


The Omakase Set consists of gohan (rice), salad (lettuce with roasted sesame dressing that tasted like Kewpie), roce (prime beef slices), buta horumon (pork intestines),


butabara (pork belly), karubi (beef short ribs), a bowl of kimchi (it’s not as spicy as the Korean version), and dipping sauces.


You can grill the meats yourself or have one of the staff grill it for you.


Miko tried grilling a few pieces of pork belly and beef short ribs, in fairness, okay naman. Hindi naman ako dinala sa ER after. Hehehe.


Our favorite among the meats was the butabara because it’s just like Japanese bacon. This was great paired with the salad. :D


I liked the roce with kimchi. Si Miko, mejo deadma sa mga side dish. Ang concern niya was rice. :p We got another cup because half cup lang ang kasama sa set.


We also got some Takoyaki balls (140php) from Hana. It has okonomi sauce with bits of nori, dried fish flakes, spring onions, and Japanese mayo on top. We didn’t like it so much, because the ginger (I think they used red ginger) flavor was too strong.


Another thing I like about Urameshi-Ya is that it’s very cozy. It has cubicles where you remove your shoes and do an indian sit on a pillow while you enjoy your food.


They also have a shelf with mangas and Japanese books that you can check out, maybe while drinking some sake. We have yet to do that here. Or maybe we’ll just do that when we go to Tokyo soon. :p

Urameshi-ya Yakiniku Restaurant
Little Tokyo Makati
2277 bet. Pasong Tamo and Amorsolo Street (beside Makati Cinema Square)
(02) 8132210

// listening to The Bird and The Bee – Private Eyes


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