Little Asia – Venice Piazza, Taguig

Little Asia is Miko’s family’s favorite restaurant. Miko was brokenhearted when the Quezon City branch closed. As in lagi niya kinukwento at binibida sa akin ‘yung mga pagkain, lalo na ýung may mga bacon. We only found out recently that there’s still one in Taguig!


We went there as soon as we can to eat all the dishes that he’s been craving for almost two years and for me to understand why the Alfonsos love Little Asia so much.


We got the Hot and Sour Soup (155php). Well, this one’s my favorite, not his. :p It has shiitake mushrooms, shredded pork, black fungus, and tofu. All these noms in a nice smooth blend of black vinegar and chili broth.


And in this picture, there are two of my favorites I can see. Nyahahaha. :x Anyway, moving on… :p


I was torn between getting the Mandarin Orange Chicken and this Chinese food staple. No regrets getting the Salt and Pepper Fried Squid (275php). Its tempura-like batter was light. The squid wasn’t rubbery, and had the right levels of salt and pepper, may kick pa ng chilis. I barely touched the vinegar that was served with it, kasi sakto na ýung timpla talaga.


I also liked the Vietnamese Milk Drink (115php) with gulaman and sago. Drink and dessert in one! :D


And here are Miko’s favorites, starting with Prawns Wrapped in Bacon (355php). Ahhhh… glorious! Even the home-made potato chips was good! If you don’t like prawns, you can choose fish fillet or chicken wrapped in bacon.


The Lengua in Mushroom White Sauce (345php) was superb– tender and savory. You can also opt to have the braised ox tongue in white sauce and white wine. They call it the Drunken Lengua in Brown Sauce.


This is my favorite among the dishes from our very light (haha) dinner– the Beef Tenderloin Rolls with Cheese in Teriyaki Sauce (345php). Liked the sauce so much that I used it as the dip for the bacon-wrapped prawns. Sinabaw ko pa sa rice. :D


The Yang Chow Fried Rice (265php) has a lot of pork asado bits, green peas, lettuce, chicken, leeks, carrots, and eggs. Truly a good match to all the other dishes.


The Mango Sago (125php) was a light, refreshing meal-ender. Swabe yung coconut milk na kasama. I also want to try the Crepe Samurai! May mangga rin ‘yun!


Other dishes I would like to order next time are Martin Yan’s Velvet Prawns With Caramelized Nuts, Spicy Hunan Chicken, Lamb Tenderloin Butteryaki, and Pineapple Chicken. I will also have wine or cocktails next time. Ang daming choices sa menu!


Little Asia lets its guests have a sumptuous feast without the outrageous cost. We loved the service. The staff was very attentive and friendly. One of them told us that the resto will be relaunched and renamed to Bistro Charlemagne (named after the owner), but and we should be back because they will retain the favorites and there will be new items on the menu.

I now understand why this is my lovey and his family’s favorite. No surprise if it will be on my list of favorites too. :)

Little Asia
Unit 109-110 The Venice Piazza,
McKinley Hill, Taguig
(02) 798-0354
Mon – Sun: 11:00AM – 11:00PM

// listening to Sheppard – Geronimo


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