Via Antonella – Maginhawa St.

Ang aga aga pala magsarado ng mga stores sa Maginhawa. Booooo! We wanted to eat at Empire Steak (ayos sa pangalan noh) but they’re already closed at 9:30pm.


Among the still open restos we saw, Via Antonella seemed to be the one with potential, so we had our late dinner there. The place is pretty and nicely-lit. There are a couple of tables outside if you want to smoke.


I didn’t like the service at first because each time I asked for a dish I wanted, the waitress said, “Hindi po available ‘yan.” Sana kasi attentive at proactive, ‘di ba? Kapag nakita na nasa page ako, sabihin na agad ano ang hindi available para hindi na ako umasa. Huhuhu!


I wanted the Shitaake Mushroom and Leeks Soup, but it wasn’t available so I just had a couple spoonfuls of Miko’s Chicken and Cauliflower Sopas (105php). This was good. Something that will make you remember home. :)


I had the Lamb Kaldereta (195php) which was nicely braised and delicious, except it tasted more like afritada than caldereta. It didn’t have the spiciness I expected. It fact, it wasn’t spicy at all.


Miko wanted the Hanger Steak, but it wasn’t available as well. He settled for Beef Salpicao (395php) that disappointed both of us because of the spices used. Ang weird ng salpicao na may lasang Indian spices. Ang asim-asim pa.


Anyhoodles, good that the side of the salpicao was mushrooms. Dahil naawa sa akin si Miko because I didn’t get to have mushroom soup, nilagay na lang niya sa soup niya. Oiiiiiyyyy. Sweet. BWAHAHAHA!


Ended the so-so meal with something I liked- the Mango Cheesecake (125php). I wanted the Panna Cotta at first, but it wasn’t available rin. Hehe. The cheesecake was a nice balance of sweet and sour. It was creamy and light.


Not likely to go back to Via Antonella, but if I must, I will just probably get wine or a cocktail.


Via Antonella
Ground Floor, Maginhawa Building,
189 Maginhawa Corner Makadios Street,
Sikatuna Village, Quezon City
02 4348535
02 3760356

// listening to Madonna – Beautiful Stranger


2 thoughts on “Via Antonella – Maginhawa St.

    • Thank you! Just writing about what I experienced. Baka naman mali lang mga na-order naming. Or baka dahil late na kami pumunta, baka factors rin yun. pero kahit na. LOL :)

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