Pinto Art Museum – Antipolo, Rizal

I said, “Huwag naman puro kain na lang ang gawa natin!”
Miko said,”Culture-culture rin ‘pag may time!”

And so we went to Pinto Art Museum in Antipolo. With its white-washed walls, wide spaces, lovely gardens, classic and contemporary displays, it’s the perfect place to visit if you’re into art, want photo-ops, and do not want to travel too far from Manila.


I like art. I like looking at paintings and sculptures, but I will not even attempt to try to interpret any of the pieces we saw at Pinto. :p


Just want to share some photos of the artworks that stirred my interest.

There’s this wall with washed out watercolor paintings in sepia.


And this terracotta sculpture of a pregnant woman in ecstasy. I wonder if she’s ecstatic o manganganak and in pain na pala siya?


This has got to be the most luscious lips I’ve ever seen on canvass. I’m inspired to paint something like this!


The lips painting is in the same room with the boobs and legs paintings.


Out the first gallery we entered, was this enormous metal rocking horse that Miko rode in a heartbeat.


Near the horsey was one of the dozens of beds around Pinto. Shempre, kelangan may chill pose. :p


Marami ring mga cute birdies sa mga hawla. This colorful beaut is my favorite. :)


Love this sundial in the garden. Parang hirap na hirap si kuya sa paglipas ng oras.


They have a small chapel with statues and sculptures of Jesus and the saints inside.


Here’s Jesus at the altar. I wonder if they conduct weddings here. Well, we saw a couple having their prenup photoshoot.


We saw the couple having their photo shoot in this part of the museum, so we thought of having our couple selfwe here, too. (Nyahahaha, gaya gaya.)


Ganda eh o. Poolside. :)


Before we went upstairs, we saw something that reminded us of my bestfriend, Donnie! Baboy!


And then, at the rooftop, lounging on the sofa was a cat that reminded us of my other bestfriend. Jap!!!


There’s also this mamang hubad na nakatambay sa may dried herbs and flowers. And, no. I don’t have a photo of me harassing him.


And like what I said earlier, there are a lot of beds in Pinto. Eto pa isa.


There was a group of youngsters at the rooftop as well. Nagkakagulo sila paano sila mag-gu-group picture na kumpleto without using a monopod. I wonder kung na-solve nila ang napakabigat na problema na ito. :p


We got a bit hungry and we went to the café thinking we can relax and rest from all the walking while having some pasta and pastries.


Unfortunately, the place was packed and the waiting list was kinda long. Sabi rin nung waiter, desserts na lang daw ang meron. Sayang, mukha pa namana masarap yung choco lava cake.


That was disappointing considering it was only 4:00pm when we went there and their café ran by Bizu closes at 5:30pm. Anyare? :(


Anyway, continuing our afternoon of visual treat!


More paintings and sculptures! I want that pony in my garden!


I want this turtle with all its bling-bling, too!


Here’s Miko saying, “Kaya ko rin gumawa nito!”


And here’s Miko channeling his inner pornstar.


And this… I don’t know what he’s exactly trying to do here. LOL


The last wing we visited was my favorite. It’s the most spacious and has the most interesting pieces, at least for me.


There are works that are just so nice to look at.


Especially the colorful, quirky ones!


There are also some that require you step back…pinto33

for you to see the (really) big picture.


And some that also serve as a nice background to yet another couples shot. :p


And of course, a shot with this infamous graffiti is a must.


On our way back, we saw this cow mosaic piece…


That Miko felt like harassing. Poor cow! In Tagalog… Cowawa! *ba dum tsss*


There’s another cow in Pinto. Miko calls it “Puti” in reference to the Batibot song that goes, “Alagang-alaga namin si Puti Bakang mataba, bakang maputi…” (Nabuking age namin doon ha.)


Near the cows is my most favorite piece…


Isn’t she visually stunning?


We had some buco juice and lemongrass tea (30php each)


and checked out the gift shop before leaving Pinto.


That was a delightful date! We would like to go back, maybe after a few months when there are new pieces on display.

We saw some casitas under construction, and hopefully they’ll be done by our next visit. bed and breakfast in Pinto is definitely an awesome idea.

Pinto Art Museum
#1 Sierra Madre Street, Grand Heights,
Antipolo City
9:00 AM – 6:00 PM from Tuesdays to Sundays
Closed on Mondays
(632) 703 44 53
(0917) 608 67 54

* Directions: From Ortigas Extension, pass by Cainta-Junction, then Tikling. Take the uphill road going to Antipolo. When you reach Ynares Center, take a right to a hill, and follow the road to Grand Heights.

// listening to Arctic Monkeys – All My Loving (Beatles cover)


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