Ayers Lechon Cebu

The first text message I read that day was, “Pauwi na ako. Binilhan kita ng lechon!”


I don’t know kung saan ako mas na-excite. Miko’s return from his business trip o sa pagkain ko ng lechon Cebu. :P


Miko wanted to get lechon from Rico’s (sabi niya super sarap), because that’s what he had for dinner the night before his return to Manila, but he was running late for his flight so he bought from Ayers instead.


Shelf life of the boxed lechon is 12 hours. I refrigerated it as soon as I got home and fried it the following day.


It’s my first time to eat spicy lechon Cebu, so I couldn’t really compare it to CNT and Zubuchon, because I only got to taste the classic lechon from those two.


Ayers Lechon has chilies, lemon grass, leeks, bayleaves, and garlic as stuffing in the pork belly. The meast was tasty and tender, and the skin was flavorful as well. It wasn’t as spicy as I thought it would be. I served it with cane vinegar with patis, black pepper, minced garlic, and chopped white onions.

They probably don’t use msg, too, because I didn’t experience any headache after eating. It’s great with garlic rice!


Ayers Lechon
Tel: # (032) 268-0327
Fax: # (032) 231-7615
Mobile: #09228268133 / 09228268132

// listening to How To Get Away With Murder – S01E06


4 thoughts on “Ayers Lechon Cebu

  1. lechon cebu is the best! rico’s is the best lechon cebu but I like ayers better than cnt. :) haven’t tried zubuchon yet.

    I hope you get to try rico’s soon!

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