Café Cubana – BF Homes, Paranaque

Chorizo Sisig. That’s what we came to Café Cubana for. It was recommended by some of my south friends and we were excited to try it big time.


Service was incredibly slow even if there were only a few customers that night. Was the sisig worth the wait? No. Not at all. I know I specifically asked for the chorizo sisig. The waitress even told me that they would have to get it from Las Paellas (sister resto of Cubana, and they’re right beside each other along Aguirre Ave) and the dish set in front of us didn’t look, taste, or smell like chorizo. Pero chorizo sisig daw ‘yon. It was too oily, so baka chorizo nga considering this. It was also too salty. Disappointment has a name. It’s Café Cubana’s Chorizo Sisig. What a waste of money, really.


The buffalo wings (295php) was so-so. We liked the blue cheese sauce, but we didn’t find the chicken spicy enough.


My friends had beer, which was kinda pricey for BF standards. SML for 90php? Hmmm… jacked up price for the ambience? Maybe. But if they wanted an authentic Cuban vibe, I wonder why they were playing Ricky Martin songs that night. Here we go, ale ale ale ale! And wait, isn’t he Puerto Rican?

I had a cocktail that was pretty good and pretty strong. I don’t remember the name and I have no photo of the drinklist to be reminded, because the waitress said I can’t take photos of the menu. Anyway, I think it’s a Caipirinha, and I think it cost me around 150php. Not bad for the alcohol content.


The only thing we ordered that we liked was the Cubano Sandwich (335php). It has pulled pork, ham, pickles, cheese and served with potatoes and a spicy slaw. It also came with some kind of sauce with an indistinct taste. The sandwich itself was phenomenal. Tasty and filling. I’ve always wanted to eat one since I watched the movie Chef.


The place is nice and I really liked the Cubano, but I can’t see myself dining here again.

Café Cubana
Aguirre Avenue, BF Homes,
Parañaque City
02 8205888

// listening to Ricky Martin and Christina Aguilera – Nobody Wants To Be Lonely


3 thoughts on “Café Cubana – BF Homes, Paranaque

  1. I love your writing style! Fierce and funny. I also want to have a cubano because of Chef. I will make sure i will not get the chorizo sisig if i visit Cubana. :-p

  2. Cafe Cubana’s ambiance was a bit of a disappointment. My friend & I went there on an evening. I love the black & white floor tiles, the wooden chairs at the bar, the photos of Fidel Castro & Che Guevara. The staff were attentive & courteous. I thought they’d be playing Cuban salsa as background music but no, crappy hiphop was blasting through the speakers. I love the 1940’s Hollywood film mural but the film title was partly covered by a wide screen tv – Nicki Minaj & Rita Ora were gyrating in front of us *facepalm* [Side note: I’m a Latin culture fan & a fan of 1940’s black & white Hollywood films] Conclusion: it was just another noisy resto bar :( Perhaps I should give it another chance & go there during daytime…

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