Early Bird Breakfast Club – Century City Mall

“I toast to all things breakfasty, and especially I toast to toast. I would toast to love, but that’s not breakfasty enough for my appetite.” 
― Jarod Kintz, Love quotes for the ages. And the ageless sages


I was ecstatic to eat some real food after being stuck with cookies and noodles in my several days on the night shift. I was ecstatic when Jan agreed to spend our catch-up date at Early Bird Breakfast Club in Century City Mall. Keber kung ang topics namin sa chikahan session eh love, loss, at mga babaero. Kalam ng tiyan > kirot sa puso (mwehehe)


Early Bird Breakfast Club is a pretty and cozy. I also liked the look and feel of the place. Maraming spots na pwede mag-photo op! Hahaha! I also liked their newspaper-style menu. May games like word search and sudoku pa sa likod, but I was too hungry to play.


Started off my meal with Butterbeer! It’a slightly fizzy, nicely sweet, creamy, and refreshing! I wonder if the ones in Hogwarts are as yum. Early Bird’s butterbeer (155php) is def better than the one from Starbucks! Yes, it’s on their “secret” menu! 😜


The caramel thingie on top was delicious. It was not cloyingly sweet. I want some more. And yaaaay mini mallows! Jan had the Lemon and Mint Iced Tea (125php), which also looked great. But hey, Butterbeer!


Jan had the Sunny Salpicao (325php). It’s one of their bestsellers and it’s not hard to believe why. It’s pefectly seasoned, and pampa-feeling healthy kasi it’s chicken. Sarap pa with egg. It’s so good that we wanna copy it!


Then there’s the French Toast Fondue. Loved how they served it, with eggshells containing cinnamon sugar, maple syrup, and melted chocolate. Not bad for 210php. I wish there’s an option to choose the dips. I’d love some strawberry sauce or peanut butter with my french toast, too.


Then there’s the Sausage Skillet. It’s 275php worth of spanish chorizo, English bangers, hashed potatoes, and caramelized onions. It was so-so but I liked the salpicao better. I took the leftover chorizo home and added it to some spaghettini, chili flakes, lots of garlic, and cheese the following day. Fabulous.


Items that I’d like to try next time are their Yin & Yang Champorado (has dark Belgian choco and white Belgian choco… Kaya kaya itumba nito ang Chocnut Champorado with Tuyo Flakes ng Kanto Freestyle? 😁), Viva Longganisa (their heirloom recipe) and their Nutella Cheesecake.


Not all bright reviews about this place thoigh. My friend who’s soooo choosy when it comes to food found their Eggs Ben and Katcino disappointing. The former daw eh nalunod sa PikNik-looking potatoes, and the latter just didn’t make the katsu-tocino hybrid work. Oh well. To each his own!


Basta kami ni Jan, we had an enjoyable experience at Early Bird. Even my new stuffed toy from Sg– Brekky The Hungry Puppy (I named him after the place) found it lovely. :)

Early Bird Breakfast Club
GF Century City Mall,
Kalayaan Ave, Makati
02 4031897
Facebook and Instagram: earlybirdbreakfastclub

// listening to Maroon 5 – Secret


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