Shabu Yaki – BF Homes, Paranaque

Had a small get-together with some friends in celebration of Donnie, Colleen, and Dave Karen turning another year older.


We had it in Shabu Yaki, a Korean shabu-shabu place along Aguirre Avenue in BF Homes, Paranaque.


We had the seafood set with additional plates of beef for grilling. The set comes with assorted seafood, dim sum, sweet potato, corn, pechay, egg, miso soup, noodles, salad, and kimchi.


Birthday boy Donnie had a fantastic time cooking all those for us. by cooking, I mean dumping all ingredients in the pot. :p


Buti na lang the waitress can be relied on to cook the beef for us. Otherwise, matutusta sa grill. :p


The finished product was surprisingly good. I honestly do not like Korean food so much, but what we had that night was pretty good.


And of course, what Korean meal can be complete without soju? Cheers to you, my friends! I love you all! I will choose you over Korean food anytime, anywhere!


And look, Jap wasn’t in Last Vegas that night. She was with us. Ayan o, nasa picture. May laro-laro pang yarn!


Shabu Yaki
157 Aguirre Avenue, BF Homes, Paranaque City
02 5016485

// listening to Kamikazee – Doobidoo


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